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Task 2: Wizarding Chess

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        For your next task, you are going to play a game of Wizards Chess! There are two puzzles to complete - a beginner and an intermediate puzzle. You are playing the white pieces and your goal is to get your enemy’s king in checkmate. How do you do that? Well, like in a normal game of chess, each piece has its own rules for how they can move. 


        In the beginner puzzle, your white pieces are two pawns (can move one space forward, and one space diagonally when capturing another piece), a rook (can move forwards and sideways as many spaces as they want until they hit into another piece), a queen (can move as many spaces as possible in any direction), and the king (can move one space in any direction). With those pieces, your goal is to put the black king in checkmate by moving one of your pieces once in the beginner puzzle: 



Larger version: https://i.postimg.cc/SRzq3MhQ/Puzzle-Beginner-2.png


       Your goal is the same in the second puzzle, but this time, you are dealing with more pieces and you have to put the black king in checkmate in two moves. The new pieces you are dealing with are the bishop (can move diagonally as many spaces as possible) and the knight (can move in an L shape, two spaces forwards, backward, or sideways, and then one space to the left or right)  You will, most likely, have to use two pieces to do so. HINT: One piece will move that will clear the way, be captured by a pawn and then another piece will move to make the checkmate. Here is puzzle two: 


Larger version: https://i.postimg.cc/Vsbd3S4b/Puzzle-Intermediate-2.png


Chess piece descriptions:

King: On the right column of the beginner puzzle and the top column of the intermediate puzzle - has a pointy top to it. 

Queen: The piece with the five points like a crown. 

Bishop: The piece with a tiny circle on its head and a + sign on its body.

Knight: The horse piece

Pawn: The rather plain pieces you see a lot of.

Rook: Looks like a castle's tower and you see them in all four corners of the intermediate puzzle. 


     Send me your completed chess puzzles (either as a picture or tell which piece(s) would move to which space(s)) in the same message thread you've been using and I will send you back three cards to choose from. Please send both of your solved puzzles at once. If you find yourself stuck on a puzzle, let me know and we can try to get you back on track!


     You will receive 15 rubies for completing this task. Like with every task, you will receive three cards upon completion. Everything is due by 11:59 pm HOL time on August 18th.


(Thank you to Prof. Jenny Lupin for giving me the idea for these chess puzzles!)


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The following people have successfully solved both puzzles :D


Will Lestrange

Patrick James

Astor Arensin

Tarma Amelia Black

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