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Gryffindor Common Room
Sky Alton

Exploding Snap!

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Welcome to Exploding Snap!


Between July 8th and August 18th, we’ll be playing the wizarding world’s favourite card game. You can join in at any point. Get ready for competition, explosions and fun!


How it Works


Every two days, we’ll be releasing a task themed around games. This is anything from board games to sports, wizard chess to Muggle marbles. By completing tasks, you’ll earn rubies and also cards that you may or may not be able to snap. All the tasks are due by 11.59 PM HOL-time on Sunday August 18th. 






To play, please start a group PM with Sky Alton and Iverian Gnash with the subject ‘Exploding Snap’. You will use this PM for all game related communications such as card decisions and submitting certain tasks. (So, if you need to send something in, just reply to your existing conversation with us rather than sending a fresh message).




We’ll be using our own special deck of cards. There are 4 types or suits: Water, Fire, Air and Earth. Each suit has cards numbered 1 to 9 (this is known as the value).


To get started, please pick 4 cards: they must be of different values and different suits to one another. Inform us of the numbers and suits of the 4 you choose.


To make things interesting, we will be playing with only two decks of cards (this means that there is no more than two of the same card in our deck, not counting the 4 cards you choose).




Everyone starts out with 500 points: the goal is to have as few points as possible by the end (so you’re aiming to make your score go down, rather than up).


Each task will have three cards attached to it: once you’ve completed a task, we will inform you via PM which these are. You must inform us which two (2) of these you’d like to choose.


One of these three cards will be a fake. If you strike lucky and pick the dummy card, the card’s value is knocked off your score immediately.

If you pick actual cards from the task, your score increases by each card’s value and they get added to your hand.

If you go on to get two of the same card (same suit, same number) in your hand, you can make them snap. This not only decreases your score by their values but also by -50 points as a snap bonus. Two of the same value (with different suits) can also be snapped for a snap bonus of -30, while three of the same suit (with different values) can be snapped for a bonus of -20. Any card that gets snapped is removed from your hand.


For instance: 9 Water and 9 Water would be a true, -50  point snap. 9 Water and 9 Air would be a -30 point snap. 1 Water, 4 Water, 7 Water would be a -20 point snap.


Only actual cards get added to your hand and can be snapped. (IE, you cannot snap with a dummy card as they’re removed from play the second you get them).  Also, you do not need to make snap decisions immediately as snappable cards can remain in your hand. Simply tell us when you want to snap and which cards you’re snapping.


The Scoreboard


Everyone’s score will appear on the scoreboard (though you can choose to be anonymous if you’d like). Every 10 days, we’ll be offering a bonus for the people with the three best (lowest) scores on the current board. So even though you can hold on until right at the end to make all your snap decisions, it might pay off to be bold.


The End


All tasks will be due at 11.59 PM HOL-time on August 18th. However, we’ll be allowing a 24 hour grace period for those last card choices and snap decisions (until 11.59 PM HOL-time on the 19th). On August 20th, the person with the lowest score will be declared the winner and receive eternal glory (and a prize of 100 beans). Second place will receive 75 beans and third place 50.




If for whatever reason you’re unable to do any of the tasks offered, please let us know and we can work together to find an alternative.

Good luck! And you might want to take a pair of these rather fetching scarlet and gold ear protectors...


(Scoring system and cards design by the fabulous Dario)

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