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Sky Alton

Let's Make it Count!

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  We’re nearly to the end of the term. Some of you might think it’s too late to do anything worthwhile but you couldn’t be more wrong. Now is exactly the time for a last push to achieve those goals, earn those points, pass those classes and win those awards. You’ve got this!


  Even if you’ve fallen behind with your class work and missed some deadlines, it’s still worth completing assignments. Many professors will still credit you at least some of the points and some is far better than none.


  Remember that you need 2 quills in order to advance to the next year. Classes vary in how much work you have to do to earn a quill and pass so double check your classes to see if you can pull it out of the bag. If you can, wonderful! If you can’t, don’t be discouraged. There is no shame in staying in the same year for another couple of terms.


  For those of you who are caught up on your homework or who joined us too late to sign up for classes, there are still lots of chances to earn some last minute points outside of classes too. The Art Department and Library have projects running until the middle of the month and the Paw Print and SerpenTimes are still accepting submissions until June 15th. If you want to get more involved in the community but are shy or not sure how, then house newspapers are a wonderful way. Check the Point Earning Opportunities thread for more details on all of these things.


  There’s still plenty you can do to earn some awards and make your profile a bit shinier. In addition to the trophies you can earn through taking part in your classes, Hollers and the Book Club both have awards up for grabs. Gryffindor also have our own set of awards that we hand out to lions who are particularly active, supportive or enthusiastic. Roar loud enough and you might find a shiny winging its way to you.


 Now, for the lion shaped elephant in the room. You might have noticed that we’re not doing brilliantly in terms of house points. However, this IS NOT the time to give up. It IS NOT an excuse to go and lounge by the lake with a huge pile of Chocolate Frogs and a set of Gobstones (yes, I see you).


  We can still work together and make sure Gryffindor finishes as strongly as possible. Achieving your goals earns glory for Gryffindor so make sure we can take pride in you. Even if you can only do a little, that little still makes a difference for you and for the house. If we can say we’ve done our bit and had fun doing it, then we can hold our heads up high. Lions do not back down.


Go get ’em, Gryffindor!

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