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Gryffindor Common Room
Sky Alton

Quest 10: June

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  Glass crunches underneath your feet as you make your way down the corridor. A cold wind gusts through a doorway to your right and you glance into the room. There’s not much left except an overturned chair that’s missing a leg. Beyond it, the window looks out over the blasted city beyond. You wonder who else might be out there, looking. There used to be cameras all over this place, or so you’ve heard.


The Treasure (10 rubies)

  The urban legend about this item from the revolution has become a little mangled over time but if you can unpick the true meaning from the synonyms, it will help you:

Teasing the garrulous corvid with a gilt badge

(If you’d like a hint, you may ask for one at the cost of 2 rubies)


   As you get further into the building, the darker it gets. Your flashlight only has so much life left in it. Perhaps you should look for another. You've seen other supplies littered around. With this in mind, you tentatively move into the next room you come across and begin to sift through piles of rubble on the floor


  The Journey (20 rubies)

 There are six items that you might stumble upon. However, you can only find three (3) of the following. Which three are they and where do you discover them? Are you glad to find them or do you think they're useless?


1. A fraying length of rope that must be around ten feet long

2. Ragged blanket

3. A partly full container of dirty water

4. A large decorated jar, now mostly full of sand and dust

5.  A bent ladle

6. An ancient first-aid kit marked 'Capitol Care'


  With your questionable gear tucked safely in your pockets, you venture back out into the building. There's an odd crackling in the air that you can't quite place: maybe some of the old electrics have sputtered back to life? Trying to swallow down your nervousness, you check the next room; you're about to leave when you spy something glimmering on a table near the door. You grasp the treasure and nearly punch the air in triumph. Then you realise.... the crackling has gotten a whole lot louder. And your eyes aren't stinging with pride but with smoke.


    The Victory (20 Rubies)

    Leaping flames are blocking the only doorway and you are several floors off the ground so exiting through the window will be tricky. You need to escape the room but all you have are your flashlight, the treasure and the three items you collected. How do you go about escaping with the precious item you just rediscovered? You must use all three of your items and describe your plan in detail for full rubies. Minimum 100 words.


  The deadline is 11.59 PM HOL-time on June 29th (that’s the twenty ninth, not the 30th this time, folks). Send all your tasks in one private message to me (Sky Alton). Once the deadline has passed, feel free to share your responses as a reply to this thread (but ONLY after the deadline).


(Credit to Iverian for her invaluable help with this quest)

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