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Sky Alton

This Way to the Lodge! (Activity Overview)

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    Attention everyone! If you'd all like to follow me, we'll be traveling to our destination via these portkeys. 5 people per item, please and no pushing. I don’t care if you do want the old football more than the boot with a hole in it, you won’t get there any faster by being at the front.


  Before we head off, I should probably fill you in on a few things. For those who don't know, skiing is a muggle sport where you strap special equipment to your feet and propel yourself down snowy slopes really fast (and for those of you sniggering in the back, yes this is ‘a thing’). We'll be staying in a lovely lodge high in the mountains: you'll all have a chance to do as much skiing as you like but there will also be plenty of opportunities to curl up by the fire with a hot chocolate and play games. If you could try really hard not to wander off into any blizzards or over any precipices, that would be great. With all that out the way, I think we can get going!


  Welcome to Ggryffindor’s winter activity! As you will have gathered, it's themed around a trip to a ski lodge. We have a range of games, trivia, creative things and puzzles for you to get stuck into, with plenty of rubies up for grabs. They can all be found in various threads, which are as follows:


The slopes: this is where you can ski! Our ski slopes (broken into beginner, intermediate and advanced) are a series of trivia questions and random decisions that you will need to complete. This will give you a 'time' (a score, actually) and will see your name added to the leader-board for each slope. To begin with, there are 3 slopes: another set will be released half way through the month.


  The Games room: Those of you with a puzzlers or gamer’s mind can head back to the lodge and discover the library of games and puzzles on offer. Good luck on perfecting those high scores.


By the Fire: This is an all-purpose creative and chat thread. There will be a range of things to contribute: recipes, craft, stories, memories, photography and graphics. You’re encouraged to treat this like a conversation so feel free to respond to one another or simply just say hi.


  You can complete any of these and in any order that you like. The deadline is 11.59 PM HOL-time on January 2nd 2019 for everything. If for accessibility reasons you’d like some alternatives to the options given, just drop me a PM here on the Common Room. The same goes if you’d rather submit a task to me privately.


(Major thanks go to Prof. Amy Lupin for helping me with tasks and Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis for her ski knowledge)

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I'll be away until Friday afternoon: I'll calculate times, answer any questions and award the first lot of rubies then. If something goes very wrong somehow (like a moderation issue or similar) and you need an urgent response, please get hold of Dario or Zenix.

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