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The Slopes

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  Welcome to the snowy slopes! You can collect your equipment from that pile over there and our lovely instructors will show you how to put it on, then what to do with it. See you out there!


  You’ll find 3 slopes in replies to this post: 1 beginner, 1 intermediate and one advanced. They take the form of a series of trivia questions about winter, snow, winter sports and everything in between. You will almost certainly have to do some independent research to discover the correct answers. You’ll also find that there are ‘decision points’: this is where you have to steer by deciding whether to lean left, lean right or stay upright.


  Message me your answers and decisions in a PM here on the CR, using beginner, intermediate or advanced as your subjectline, depending on which slope it is. I'll reply with your time (a score): the goal is to keep this as low as possible. Each right answer to a question will add a minute to your time. Each wrong answer will add 3 minutes to your time. The ‘decision points’ are decided by luck: either they’ll speed you up, slow you down or have no effect at all. I’ll be keeping track of people’s times in a little leader-board for each slope.


  You’ll earn a set number of rubies per slope depending on the difficulty. The person with the quickest time per slope at the end of the activity will earn a 5 rubies bonus. Once you’ve completed your slope, send it to me (Sky Alton) via a common room PM. I’ll get back to you with your time. Deadline is 11.59 PM HOL-time on January 2nd 2019.

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Beginner: 15 Rubies

1. Snowflakes and human fingerprints are commonly said to have what in common?

2.  The term Aurora Borealis refers to what natural occurrence?

Decision: Left, right or upright

3. When was the last London Frost fair

4.  From which language does the word ski descend?

5. What do you hold onto while skiing?

Decision: Left, right or upright?

6. What’s the lowest natural temperature ever recorded at ground level on earth?

Decision: Left, right or upright?

7. Complete this line from a popular song: “Oh the weather outside is frightful…”



Maxim Trevelyan - 5:30

Iverian Gnash and Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis - 6:30

Shadow Gaunt and Arianna Stonewater - 7:00

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Intermediate: 20 Rubies

1. How many Paralympic gold medals has para-alpine skier Gerd Schonfelder won?

2.  What term is commonly used to refer to the driver of a dog sled?

3. You can make candy by pouring syrup onto snow: true or false?

4. How is an igloo constructed?

Decision: Left, right or upright?

5. What obstacles are used in slalom skiing?

6. Why do icicles form?

7. What is the difference between hypothermia and hyperthermia?

Decision: Left, right or upright?

8. In the American system for denoting the difficulty of a ski slope, what does a green circle mean?

9. Who took the first known photograph of a snowflake?

Decision: Left, right or upright?

10. In what year did the winter Olympics first take place?

11. Name 3 skiing disciplines.

12. How do the bindings on skis differ between alpine and Nordic skiing?



Arianna Stonewater, Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis and Shadow Gaunt - 12:00

Maxim Trevelyan - 12:30

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Advanced: 25 Rubies

1. Where does the word sled come from?

Decision: Left, right or upright?

2. Which sport was most recently added to the winter Olympics?

3. Fiberglass is not used to make skis, true or false?

4. Which ski resort hosted the first Winter Olympics?

5. Who developed the first modern ski/chairlifts in the 1930s?

6. Where was the first recorded non-military skiing competition held?

7. Name one Norse deity associated with skiing

8. Who made the first artificial snowflake?

Decision: Left, right or upright?

9. In the European system for denoting the difficulty of a ski slope, the colour rankings go green, blue, what and what?

10. Prince Albert saved Queen Victoria when she fell through the ice while skating: true or false

11. What is a Vozok and in which country was it primarily used?

12. Are snowflakes always symmetrical?

13. Who wrote the fairy-tale, ‘The Snow Queen’?

14. How did Michael ‘Eddie the Eagle’ Edwards make history in 1988?

Decision: Left, right or upright??

15. How do visually impaired Paralympic skiers communicate with their guide while they’re on the slopes?

16. What are skiers talking about when they mention ‘crud’?

17. What were asymmetrical skis?



Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis - 16:30

Maxim Trevelyan and Arianna Stonewater - 17:00

Shadow Gaunt - 19:00

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Second Beginner Slope: 15 rubies

1. Who was the first person to manually ski solo across Antarctica in 2012?

2. Who were the mascots for the 2018 winter Olympic and Paralympic games? (Give their name and species).

Decision: left, right or upright?

3. What change does the Snowshoe hair undergo in winter to help it blend in?

4. You can use hand sanitiser to de-ice a lock, true or false?

5. Give the next line of this popular song: ‘Let’s take that road before us and sing a chorus or two….’

Decision: left, right or upright?

6. Where is the largest ice and snow festival in the world?

Decision: left, right or upright?

7. Air makes up roughly what percentage of fresh snow?

A. 10%

B. 30 %

C. 50 %

D. Above 80%



Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis - 6:30

Arianna Stonewater and Shadow Gaunt - 7:00

Maxim Trevelyan - 7:30

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Second Intermediate: 20 rubies

1. When was the International Skiing History Association founded?

2. Where does the word snow derive from?

3. At approximately what temperature does diamond dust occur?

Decision: left, right or upright?

4.  Why do people wear ski goggles?

5. What is vernalisation?

Decision: Left, right or upright?

6. What and when was the period known as ‘The Little Ice age’?

7. How tall is the world’s largest snowman?

8. How much snow does Aomori City average in a year?

9. Where was the first ice hotel?

10. How does frost form?

Decision: Left, right or upright?

11. Who won the very first winter Olympic gold in 1924?

12.  ‘Walking in the Air’ was written for which animated British film?



Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis - 12:00

Maxim Trevelyan - 12:30

Shadow Gaunt - 13:00

Arianna Stonewater - 14:30

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Second Advanced Slope: 25 Rubies

1. Where were the oldest ski artefacts discovered?

2.  What percentage of sunlight is reflected by snow?

3. 10 inches of snow melts down to roughly how much water?

4.  How large was the largest snowball ever made?

5. What is a ptarmigan?

Decision: left, right or upright?

6. Who is the Greek deity of snow?

7. Where did the largest snowball fight on record occur in 2016?

8. How many unique snowflake designs were generated for the animated film Frozen?

9. What is the international governing body for skiing?

10. What is it about a reindeer’s outer coat that helps insulate them against cold?

11.  Where will the 2019 World Alpine Ski Championships be held?

Decision: left, right or upright?

12.  How does a snow-cone differ from icecream?

13. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, how large were the largest snowflakes ever recorded?

14. What’s the highest peak in the Alps mountain range?

Decision: left, right or upright?

15. In what decade was snowboarding developed as a sport?

16. Name a method for making artificial snow.

17. What is said to be the best type of snow for skiing?



Maxim Trevelyan - 17:00

Arianna Stonewater and Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis - 17:30

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