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The Games Room

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  Welcome to the Games Room. If you’re looking for something to do that isn’t reading a book by the fire or swooshing down the slopes, then check out the library of games we have over there! You can take a jigsaw to a quiet corner or join in with something more communal over at the whiteboard.


  Below are a range of games, from online simulations to jigsaws. For the puzzles and simulations, you can earn 10 rubies per playthrough for your first two playthroughs of each individual one (it doesn't matter if you get a lower score on your second time, it still counts). This is providing you’ve actually made an effort to play, rather than just spamming. Post a screenshot of your completed games or puzzles as a reply below and include a separate line of text with your result, score or solve time (for jigsaws, include the number of pieces too). For Hangman, you'll need to post 20 times to earn the full 20 rubies.


  In addition to the 160 rubies available from playing each game twice and taking part in Hangman, An extra 10 rubies is up for grabs as a bonus for each game. This includes quickest solve time (each of the jigsaws), highest score (the card games), fewest moves (Code Breaking) and most words guessed (Hangman). You can post  additional screenshots to contend for highest score but you won't get any rubies for them unless you win the bonus.


   Feel free to chat while you game and keep any competition fair and friendly. Everything is due in on 11.59 PM HOL-time on the 2nd of January 2019.


Games Library

Jigsaw One (150 pieces)


Jigsaw Two (108 pieces)


Jigsaw Three (180 pieces)


Jigsaw Four (77 pieces)


Spider Solitaire


Code Breaking


Tripeaks Solitaire


Or join everyone for hangman!


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Second try. Not doing so well. xD


Tripeaks Solitaire: 1807



Code Breaker: Seventh try, zero penalty



Spider Solitaire: Tied it with 15020


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