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Sky Alton


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Play Hangman with me!


  I will give you the number of letters in the word I’m thinking of. You can then suggest letters that might be in it, one letter per post: you must wait for me to respond before guessing again. If you’re right, I’ll fill in the letter in the word. If you’re wrong, then you lose a life. You only have 8 lives. Once they’re gone, they’re gone and I will start again with a new word.


  You can guess what the word is at any point but if you’re wrong, you lose a life. If you’re right, then it’s your turn to come up with a word. If the word is completely spelled out, then the person who guessed the last letter takes over.

Note: If the person currently providing the word vanishes then you may restart the game with a new word of your own if they haven’t responded to you in 5 days.


Let’s begin….


The word is: ----- (5 letters)

Lives remaining: 8


  If you play any time before 11.59 PM on January 2nd 2019, you win a ruby for every post you make, as part of our Ski Lodge activity.

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Unfortunately A is not in the word


The Word is: ----- (5 letters)


Lives Remaining: 7

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