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Hopes of a Hero

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  We’re coming to the end of Gryfftoberfest and before I start a massive conga line around the butterbeer fountain to see it out in ‘style’, it’s time to get deep and look ahead.


  What great or small but important thing would you like to achieve in the wizarding world (or even in your RL life)? Tell us about it in 50 words. Then, the hardest question of all: would you be content and able to make peace with it if your contribution went unsung and was never celebrated as it perhaps deserves to be? Another 50 words on that, please. Post your combined 100 words below.


  As ever, you can complete this up to 4 times; you’ll earn 20 beans per submission. The deadline is 31st October.

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I think that I would do something that would involve changing prejudicial existing wizarding laws, especially when it comes to treatment of those that wizards see as “lesser” like house-elves, werewolves and so on. Even Muggleborns to a degree. I would change all legislation to ensure equal treatment and opportunities for all.


I mean, it is kind of difficult to be “unnoticed” when you are changing laws. However, if someone else got the credit for it while it was mostly my idea, I admit I would be furious for a short time, ranting and raving. After a while, though, I would accept it and be happy with the idea that the goal was achieved and people (and creatures) have a better life for it.

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