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Gryffindor Common Room
Sky Alton

Gryfftoberfest 2018!

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  Welcome to Gryfftoberfest! The biggest, boldest, loudest party of the school year where we celebrate the scarlet and gold. Grab yourself a butterbeer and some food, find yourself an armchair (or a bit of wall to lean against if you’re just too cool for chairs) and join the fray.


  Before you go though, have you ever heard about how our own noble Sir Cadogan defeated the Wyvern of Wye with only a broken wand*? How about how Elladora Ketteridge was the first to discover gillyweed but wasn’t credited for it (I mean, she nearly suffocated herself but who’s counting?)? How about Salvador Thaddaeus Partington-Smithe who is the only person to have successfully danced a foxtrot with a firecrab? Well, I’ll forgive you that last one as I just made him up.


  My point is that heroes come in all shapes and sizes. While we may have quite set ideas about what constitutes bravery, courage and adventurousness, they actually crop up in very different and sometimes quieter ways than you’d expect. So this Gryfftoberfest, we’re going to be raising our flagons to all those lesser known heroes. All those people who did brave or noteworthy things but who never seem to get songs written about them or Order of Merlin after their name.


  Our fun filled exploration of the rarely heard of will consist of a month of creative tasks and games. Something new will be released every 3 days so keep checking back. Everything will be due at the end of the month, though there’ll be bonuses here and there if you get things in quickly. If you complete at least 7 of the creative tasks (not counting the games), you’ll earn an award. If you have any accessibility requirements, just chat to me and we can easily work out alternatives to some of the tasks to suit you.


So far, the tasks that count towards the award are: avatars/signatures, portraits, 'my hero', designing an award, movie posters/trailors, 'Acts of Courage', re-writing a song and book blurbs/covers. Even though all tasks offer you the chance to complete them multiple times, you need only do them once for award eligibility.


*If you haven’t heard about how our own noble Sir Cadogan defeated the Wyvern of Wye with only a broken wand, his portrait is over in that corner and he’ll happily bellow the story at anyone who comes within 5 feet of him, you have been warned.

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