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Sky Alton

Harry Potter and the Classes Conundrum (Which Will you Take?)

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  Class sign up opened today which means it’s decision time! Time to try answer the eternal question of how exactly you whittle down a massive longlist to just 5 choices or less.


How’s everyone getting on? Have you picked your classes yet? Are there any that particularly excited you when you first saw them?

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I chose:

1. Dueling 101

2. A Visit to Diagon Alley

3. Auror Training Level One

4. Occlumency

5. The Marauders 101

I was sooo excited to see theses classes!

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I am taking


Famous Witches and Wizards in History

Grindelwald's Crimes



Philosophy in Harry Potter

Societies in Ruin


Teaching Auror Training Level One!

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This past term I took

A Visit to Diagon Alley

Muggle Studies for Beginners

Care of Magical Creatures

HOL 101



This next term I am hoping to learn how to knit(if that’s still available). I also want to be a class assistant next term. This is going to be one fun term! 


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Class signups  have reopened! What are you going to take this term? Is there anything you're excited or nervous about?


I'm still a bit stuck myself but hopefully I'll be able to make a decision soon

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After tons of thought and trying to get a mix of classes, I have finally decided on these five:


The Magic of Forensic Science

The Her in Hero


Muggles and Magic Collide

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After long deliberation I have chosen 3 classes. The other two are still undetermined, and there's just too many options:


  • HOL Genetics
  • Philosophy in HP
  • Write Your World (SO EXCITED FOR THIS CLASS)

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