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Sky Alton

Quest 4: September

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  With powerful strokes, you dive deeper into the aggressively blue water. A stream of bubbles zips passed, raced by a fountain of tiny silver fish. The barmy water gets colder and darker as you go deeper and you try to distract yourself by running over the riddle that has lead you to this extreme swim.


The Treasure (10 beans)

Work out what this clue refers too and include the name of the artefact at the top of your submission. Pay attention: there are further clues later on.


Found off the coast of Antikythera


  You hit the bottom and take a moment to orientate yourself… Before remembering every breath is precious and you had better get a move on. Cautiously, you begin to side step across the uneven sea bottom, staring into the mirk. A shape looms up in front of your foot and you reach down to brush your fingers across it. Ancient timber. Ancient timber from an ancient ship. Trying to temper your excitement, you begin to trace the shape of the wreckage. This could be what you’ve been looking for.


The Journey (20 beans)

  It was common for great events in the ancient world to be retold through the medium of epic poetry. Write a verse about how this mighty cargo ship might have ended up at the bottom of the ocean. Your poem doesn’t need to rhyme but it should be at least 10 lines long.


  You’ve been searching for a while and have found a coin, as well as something buried that might be a bronze statue. You come across an odd, angular shape on the ocean floor. You brush the sand away and discover a fragment of wood and bronze fused together over time. Staring hard you can just make out the edge of what might have been a gear: there’s a very, very weathered inscription too. You’ll have to decipher that once you’re back on dry land.


Victory (20 Beans)

Solve the following inscriptions (well, word scrambles) that are all related to the purpose of the device you just discovered










 scani ormaj


  The deadline is 11.59 PM HOL-time on September 30th. Send all your tasks via private message to me (Sky Alton) with the subject ‘September Quest’. Once the deadline has passed, feel free to share your poems as a reply to this thread.

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