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Sky Alton

Sea (Summer Quest)

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  Water slops over the ship’s rail and soaks you. What you were assured was ‘nothing to worry about’ has turned into a howling gale. You cling to the now sopping rail and swallow hard, ordering your insides to stay where they are.

“Bit rough for you?” one of the crew asks brightly, passing behind you. You don’t dare to move on the pitching deck to respond: you might fall over. Even fall overboard. That roiling grey water with its slashing crests of foam does not look inviting.

  People are yelling about doing things with sails, their voices barely audible over the wind. You’re wondering whether you should try and lend a hand or whether you’d only get in the way when you find yourself smacking into the soaking deck. The ship is rolling over to one side: so sharply you slide for 5 feet before coming up against a post. You grip on tightly, your shoulders being wrenched by the force. Just as you’re sure that the whole thing is about to go over with all of you beneath it, the world rights itself again. You wait for at least a minute to be sure, then force yourself to your feet. There seems to be quite a bit of water sloshing around… an alarming amount of water, actually.

“Bail!” someone snaps, thrusting a bucket into your hand.

  You need to act fast to help the crew bail water out of the ship otherwise you might all go down after all. Solve this jigsaw as fast as you can and save the ship. Take a screenshot of your completed puzzle, upload it to an image hosting site and send me the URL.


(If for accessibility reasons you can’t complete this task, please just let me know and an alternative can be worked out)

  You seem to have kept the sea at bay for the time being but the deck is still rising and plunging beneath you. Your face has been whipped raw by winds that are carrying equal parts rain and sea water. You can taste the tang of salt on lips that have gone as numb as the hands still clutching the bucket. The ship gives another violent lunge and you fall to your knees. You look up through the driving rain and see a man flung sideways. The ship tilts further and, over balancing, he tumbles over the rail into the churning water.

“Man overboard!”

  Tell me how you act quickly to save the unfortunate man. Your story should be at least 150 words.

  Please submit these tasks (either together or separately) as a reply to your ‘Summer Quest’ PM (as detailed in the main Summer Quest post). Please label them clearly with their location and type. Once you’ve submitted them, feel free to post your creative tasks and jigsaw times below if you’d like to show them off. The deadline is 31st August.

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