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Sky Alton

Forest (Summer Quest)

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  Leaves crunch beneath your feet. Your local guide is a dim shadow a few feet ahead of you. She holds out an arm and you stop in your tracks. You both wait, not making a sound. The nighttime forest is vast around you, the only sound the faint rustle of branches overhead.

  Your guide moves forward a few more feet before stopping again. You can’t be sure but you think she must be scanning the trees around you. She reaches back to tap your shoulder. This is where you’re meant to wait. You touch her arm to show you’ve understood and she melts away. You strain to make out the faint tread of her feet but very soon it passes beyond hearing.

  You grip your sword tightly. When you arrived in the small woodland village, you weren’t expecting the hunters and carvers there to enlist your help in driving bandits out of their forest. But when they asked (well, insisted), you couldn’t exactly say you were a bit busy with your own quest, awfully sorry. So, here you are. In a very dark forest…. Very late at night… on your own. On your own, waiting for a signal at which you’re meant to charge forward, hopefully driving unsuspecting bandits before you and into a trap. Which seems fine: in principle.

  A twig crackles behind you and you spin round. Nothing. That you can see, at least. Probably just a creature. Hopefully a small one. A small and not hungry one. A bird chatters above you, startled by something. You try to calm your breathing. You’re a hero, you’ve got this.

  A horn rings out and without thinking, you charge forward. Solve this Masyu puzzle and drive the bandits (the blue dots) out of the forest, while avoiding colliding with your allies (the yellow).


For more information on how to solve this kind of puzzle, please check: https://krazydad.com/masyu/tutorial/

Note: the yellow dots (representing your allies) can be likened to the black dots in the original puzzle (in that the loop makes a 90 degree turn when it reaches them), while the blue dots (representing your enemies) can be likened to the white dots (in that the loop passes through them).

(If for accessibility reasons you can’t complete this task, please just let me know and an alternative can be worked out)

  You sit down gratefully on a log and accept the cup someone offers you. The fire is leaping high, shining on the happy, victorious faces of the villagers. That went pretty well, if you do say so yourself. Even if you are feeling more than a little scratched.

  Someone strums on an instrument and several voices join in a song. You close your eyes, letting the music wash over you. Running around the woods, dealing with ruffians is tiring business and you’d quite happily drop -

“How about you?” your guide turns to you, “Have you a song for us?”


  Sing (well… write) the villagers a song about some of your heroic exploits. It can be about any event you like providing it demonstrates your courage and daring do. It doesn’t need to rhyme but should be at least 10 lines long.

  Please submit these tasks (either together or separately) as a reply to your ‘Summer Quest’ PM (as detailed in the main Summer Quest post). Please clearly label them with their location and type. Once you’ve submitted them, feel free to post your creative tasks below if you’d like to show them off (though obviously not your puzzle solutions). The deadline is 31st August.

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