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Sky Alton

Valley (Summer Quest)

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  As you descend into the valley (an indistinct grey blur below you), rain bounces off your head and trickles its way down your neck. After 2 days of this, you can’t actually remember what it feels like to be dry. At first, you stopped now and again to ring your sleeves out but now you’ve just given up. The group of travellers you joined up with yesterday are looking, if possible, even wetter and colder than yourself. They’ve already been forced out of their homes by this weather, when a river burst its banks.

  Wiping a soaking hand across your face to try to get rid of the raindrops obscuring your view, you glance upwards. It’s difficult to tell but you think it’s near to nightfall: time to try to find somewhere to camp. Ideally somewhere dry but you’re not quite that naïve anymore. You strain your eyes through the gloom, searching for trees. It takes you and the group a damp and miserable age to spot some at the bottom of the valley. Everyone straggles under the scant cover and stands there, shivering. You dismount. At least the ground here isn’t liquid mud: perhaps there are some dry enough patches to pitch some tents, at least for the children

  Solve this tents puzzle and find the few positions where you can safely pitch some tents so that you and the flooded out people can have a night protected from the rain.


(If for accessibility reasons you can’t complete this task, please just let me know and an alternative can be worked out)

  Now the tents are up, everyone’s attention turns to food and warmth. The only problem is you have very little of the former and no way of getting the latter. All the readily accessible wood is too damp to burn and nobody is quite sure how to make the supplies (8 potatoes, 3 onions, half a loaf of bread and a bag of dried fruit) feed 10 people. You’re going to have to get creative with what’s on hand…

  Tell me how you’d use the available resources (both stuff you have with you and what you might reasonably expect to find in a small wood) to feed you and your new friends and prevent everyone from getting exposure. Describe the steps you’d take and why in at least 150 words (you may have to do additional research).

  Please submit these tasks (either together or separately) as a reply to your ‘Summer Quest’ PM (as detailed in the main Summer Quest post). Please clearly label them with their location and type. Once you’ve submitted them, feel free to post your creative tasks below if you’d like to show them off (though obviously not your puzzle solutions). The deadline is 31st August.

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