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Sky Alton

Village (Summer Quest)

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  You crest a hill. The early morning breeze gusts around you, bringing the smell of grass, flowers and a tang of wood smoke. There’s a tiny village nestled in a hollow at the base of the hill: no more than a jumble of little oblongs at this distance.

  You encourage your horse on down the slope and soon enter a small copse of old oak trees. There’s a rustling sound from above and you glance up to find a boy looking down at you. He grins delightedly and waves. You smile and continue on. You’ve only gone a few feet when you hear a cry from behind you. Twisting round, you see the boy lying in a heap on the road.

  It doesn’t take you long to work out that his arm is broken: what takes the time is getting him up on the saddle and getting him to forget the pain long enough to tell you where he lives. With him held tightly in front of you, cradling his arm, you walk your horse as gently as you can down to the village. At the door of the bakery you stop and a woman in an apron comes running out, looking aghast.

“Paul! What on earth have you done now?”

  You carry Paul inside and stand awkwardly in a corner as the village healer examines, then sets the arm. Once he’s resting comfortably, you’re about to head on your way when you catch sight of the baker’s face.

“He’ll heal alright,” you tell her quietly.

“I hope so,” she nods, hands knotted in her apron, “It seems awful to worry about it now but I’ve no idea how I’m going to manage the orders and deliveries without him…”

  Help Paul’s mother out by keeping track of the orders for her. Solve this logic puzzle and send me your solution. From the following information, determine which customer (one was the tailor) stopped by the bakery when (one arrived at noon), what they ordered and which flour (one type was brown flour) was requested for it.


1. Neither the weaver nor the customer who came late afternoon requested rye flour.

2. The customer who requested the wholemeal flour didn't order a large loaf.

3. The weaver arrived earlier in the day than the person who requested the rye flour (which isn't for a cake).

4. Of the weaver and the blacksmith, one arrived late morning while the other ordered something using wholemeal flour.

5. The customer who ordered rolls arrived following the customer who ordered a small loaf (which wasn't to be made using white flour).

6. Of the customer who arrived early morning and the customer who ordered something using spelt flour, one is the weaver and the other ordered the small loaf.

7. The customer who arrived early afternoon didn't order the flatbread or request rye flour.

8. The five customers are the one who requested spelt flour, the one who ordered the cake, the one who requested wholemeal flour, the grocer (who arrived early morning) and the mayor.

(If for accessibility reasons you can’t complete this task, please just let me know and an alternative can be worked out)

  Paul’s mother, grateful for your help, keeps you busy. All the same, you can’t help but notice Paul is looking very fidgety in the easy chair she’s allowed him to watch from. It’s not long before he’s bored out of his mind and itching to get back up to mischief.

  With the materials on hand in the bakery, come up with a simple way to keep Paul amused. You can write it (in which case make it at least 100 words), make an image of it (in which case upload it to an image hosting site and send me the URL) or even craft it yourself and send me a photo (include a piece of paper with your HOL ID written on it in the shot and submit it as you would a graphic).

  Please submit these tasks (either together or separately) as a reply to your ‘Summer Quest’ PM (as detailed in the main Summer Quest post). Please label them clearly with their location and type. Once you’ve submitted them, feel free to post your creative tasks below if you’d like to show them off (though obviously not your puzzle solutions). The deadline is 31st August.

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