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Gryffindor Common Room
Sky Alton

Quest 3: June

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  Your footsteps echo hollowly in the narrow passage. As you move further away from the underground lake you just had to skirt, the air and stone floor grow drier (unfortunately the same cannot be said for your feet). You squint in the darkness, trailing a hand along the rough rock of the cave wall. The constant echoes are beginning to drive you to distraction: you keep whipping around to check nobody’s following you and hitting your head in the process.


The Treasure (10 beans)

  To keep your mind off the unsettling feeling, you run through the child’s verse you’ve been told about this treasure:

A hornet’s tail, spider’s bane,

it went there and back again

Trolls plunder, blade keen

Sensed enemies by its sheen

Hobbit’s helper, elve’s pride,

Force by its size belied


  Work out what fictional item this refers to and include its name at the top of your submission


  Your hand, still skimming the cave wall, suddenly flails in empty air. You nearly stumble sideways into the opening you’ve found before righting yourself. You light the stub of candle you’ve been trying to save for as long as possible and survey the new cavern.


The Journey (20 beans)

  Describe or make a graphic of the cavern you’ve found. What’s different or unique about it? Is there anything threatening in there? If you describe what you find, please make sure your description is 100 words or more. If you make a graphic, please upload it to an image hosting site and send me the link.


  You can’t believe your luck. You’ve found the treasure with far less difficulty and unpleasantness than you usually face on these quests. Now all you have to do is retrace your steps. You skip up the narrow passage… Then have to stop as you bump your head on the ceiling five times in quick succession.


Victory (20 beans)

  Ah… you ought to have known it wouldn’t be this simple. You’ve somehow got turned around in the sprawling cave complex (and really, it’s so convoluted it could have happened to any self-respecting hero). You’ve reached a crossroads that you can’t for the life of you remember traversing in the opposite direction. Solve this logic puzzle in order to pick the tunnel that will take you (and your treasure) to safety.


From the following information determine what each tunnel leads to, which direction each tunnel leads (one of which is south) and how wide each tunnel is (ranging from 2-6 feet). Also important to note is whether the tunnel slopes, is flat or has steps (one tunnel has steps leading down).

1. The five tunnels are the one heading north, the one leading to certain death, the one with the endless labyrinth (which isn’t flat), the one measuring 5 feet wide, and the one with steps leading up.

2. The tunnel with the way out is narrower than the tunnel leading to certain death, which is narrower than the tunnel leading west.

3. Neither the widest tunnel nor the 3 feet wide tunnel leads northeast.

4. Of the tunnel with the endless labyrinth and the tunnel leading west, one is 6 feet wide and the other slopes downwards.

5. The tunnel leading to the goblin stronghold slopes upwards.

6. The tunnel sloping downwards either leads to the bottomless chasm or the endless labyrinth.

7. The tunnel heading east is not 6 feet wide.


  The deadline is 11.59 PM HOL-time on June 30th. Send all sections of the quest in one private message to me (Sky Alton). Once the deadline has passed, feel free to share your images/descriptions  and or your solutions as a reply to this thread (but ONLY after the deadline).

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