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Sky Alton

Design Your Quester

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This is the place where you can introduce us to your adventurer! While you can certainly complete the quests ‘as yourself’, you can also create a bold hero to do the legwork for you.


  For 25 beans, introduce us to your hero in 100 words: their backstory, strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes. For another 25, you can draw or describe their physical appearance and the fashionable gear they wear for questing. If you use words to describe them, make it at least 100 long. Post your profiles, graphics and descriptions below.


Things to keep in mind:

There is no deadline or end date

Your hero can be an idealised or alternate version of your HOL self or an entirely fictional person

You can create more than one hero, though you’ll only receive beans for the first

You aren’t bound to use your hero for each quest (you can complete them as yourself or as other characters you haven’t profiled)

You can draw on existing characters but you're receiving beans for creativity and originality for this part of the activity so please make sure your character is 'your own'. If you'd like to complete individual quests in a 'fan-fic' style with an existing character, you can (providing you credit their creator in your submission for that quest)

Your character can be a witch, wizard or muggle from any time period

Your character can have special abilities but please, no invincible, undefeatable paragons. I won’t award you full beans for a task if you’ve made life too easy for yourself.

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At least one of my heroes to act in this quest is a guy named Jack. Captain Jack, if you will!


Now, WHICH Captain Jack it is, that's sort of up to you?  Handsome, devil-may-care, with a smile for dangers and an ability to somehow get himself out of dangerous situations (and no one expected it ...).  He's somehow found out how not to die (BUT NOT LIKE MOLDY VOLDY), or at least, hasn't died in spite of being killed. (Maybe killed a few times...)

Abilities? Hmmm. Good with weapons, a certain amount of wit, but also he has the ability to just keep going. No matter what. 

Usually he's found in clothing which suits the time and place, but almost always that garb will include a pair of boots and oftentimes some sort of head gear like a hat. He's partial to coats ... especially if they have a bit of a flair to them when he walks.

Magical powers you ask? None that he admits to. As for more specific description of my bold hero doing the legwork. Let's start with legs. Yes, nice legs. Muscular legs. Legs that can do a lot of running! Trim torso and shoulders which might (by some) be called broad, and others might say who care, they suit him! Hair is a nice dark-ish colour. None of this blond stuff - nope! Sometimes clean-shaven, sometimes not. (Depends on where he is, after all.)

So, which 'Captain Jack' do you think he is?  :D

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