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  Welcome to Gryffindor’s December activity! All HOLers are invited!


  Party preparations for a huge winter feast are going on around Hogwarts and you’ve been drafted into help. You’ll be making your way around the school and will have a range of fun tasks to complete in order to bring the party to fruition. The only catch? There’s no way of knowing where you might end up next.


  That’s because this is a Choose Your Own Adventure activity. Each thread you visit will be a chapter in your own personal journey around the winter wonderland of preparations. Whenever you submit a task, you’ll be asked to pick between two letters to decide which part of the castle you’ll be heading off too next. You’ll receive a password in return, giving you access to the subforum that corresponds to the letter you chose. Inside you’ll find your next location, the continuation of your story and an activity.


  You begin at the ‘Start’ thread posted in this public forum. After that, you’ll be able to choose between A and B, between C and D and between E and F. Once you’ve done all that, you’ll receive the password to the finish. There will be a mixture of creative and puzzle tasks and what you get will depend entirely on the locations you end up in. If you have difficulty with a task for accessibility reasons or the like, just let me know.


  You’ll have the chance to complete 5 tasks in total. You’ll receive 20 beans per task and there’ll be a bonus of 50 beans for everyone who reaches the end of their adventure. This means there’s a chance to earn 150 beans in all.


  You’ll have until 11.59 HOL-time on January 1st 2018 to complete and submit everything.  Send everything to I’ll do my absolute best to make sure you have your passwords within 24 hours but please be patient.


  One last thing before we get started: the characters you’re about to encounter are entirely made up. They are categorically not versions of the ones found in the books or caricatures of people here on HOL.


  With all that out of the way, go check out the start!

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Congratulations to Zach Jameson for being the first one to complete his adventure!


And to those following hot on his heels, starting with...

Prof. Tarma Black

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