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Sky Alton

Task 5 - Flight of Your Lives

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Everyone still with us? Everyone still dry? Good. Well, we promised you something special and here it is. Yes, I know this looks like every other clearing we’ve visited thus far but please be patient.


Now, you’re probably wondering why I just summoned 2 kilograms of raw steak and am distributing it around this clearing apparently at random. Well, there’s a simple explanation: Prof. Dario is a vegetarian so he can’t do it. The more complicated and accurate explanation is currently making its way towards us. Please be quiet and allow it to approach; they won’t harm you.


Those of you who can’t see our Thestral guests, you’ll probably be able to work out where they are by noting the movement of the grass and the bits of steak currently disappearing. Even though most of us can’t see them, they’re perfectly solid. They’re also perfectly willing to let all of you have a ride on one of them. So, if you’d like to form an orderly queue, we’ll see about getting you airborne.


For this task, we’d like you to try to communicate your experiences when taking to the skies on Thestral back for the first time. In a poem of at least 12 lines, tell us how you felt and what you saw of the world above and below you. You could each write a poem of 6 lines (or even 2 haikus) about your individual experience or collaborate on a longer work, spanning the full 12 lines (or more). Your poem can take any form you like and doesn’t have to rhyme unless you want it to.


The deadline for this task is the 29th of October. Please submit your poem via the group PM you set up for previous tasks.

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