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Task 4 - Bridge Over Troubled Water

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Gather round, gather round, please.


As you can see, we're at the edge of a lake. I do realise it doesn't seem as fascinating as perhaps riding unicorns, but I promise that a special treat awaits on the other side.


Crossing this lake is not an easy task as we mustn't startle the beings that dwell in it - so a boat is not an option. As many of you still haven't got you apparition licence - and we're still technically bound by Hogwarts protective enchantments - apparition is not an option either. But there is a way to get to the other side and it involves some thinking. See those islands all over the pond? Well, we'll simply have to construct bridges between them to safely come across. Since there is a certain number of us, the bridges have to be constructed in a very specific way to be able to withstand. Here's a map of the lake and instructions on how the bridges have to be laid out. Let's see if you can figure it out!




  1. The number on the island indicates how many bridges it needs have to be able to support our group.
  2. Bridges can only connect north and south or east and west (read: they can go up, down, left and right).
  3. There can only be up to two bridges starting on the same side of the island.
  4. Bridges cannot overlap or cross each other.


Your task is to draw lines on the map representing the bridges. The deadline for this task is the 26th of October. Please submit via a reply to the group PM you’ve already set up for past tasks.


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