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Task 3 - Don't Wander Off

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 As you can see, the unicorn’s tail has snagged on this branch and…*Sky stops as she does a quick head-count and realises that several  students and professors have wandered away*


Somehow, you’re not sure how, but you’ve managed to get separated from the main group. You and your partner stumble onto a very faint path that looks like it might be the one you were meant to be following and you hurry along it. Your ears strain to catch the tell-tale sounds of the group and your hands tighten around your wands. The trees feel like they’re pressing in on you and you stare hard at the path, afraid it’s about to get swallowed up and you with it.


All of a sudden you do hear a noise. But it isn’t the tramping of feet or the never ending (yet oh so dulcet) spiel of a Gryffindor Prefect. It’s the sound of a twig being crushed by a hoof. All at once you find yourself surrounded by Centaurs. Very annoyed Centaurs. Pointing drawn bows right at you. Of course, you immediately shoot red sparks into the air but do you really have time to wait for Professor Dario to come to the rescue? Best do something to stall for time and quickly!


Your task is to persuade the Centaurs to let you walk past in safety (or at least to keep them busy long enough for help to arrive). You can do this one of two ways: either write an impassioned speech or produce a slide presentation, both should be full of compelling reasons. If you write a speech, it should be at least 100 words long. Alternatively, if you choose to make slides, we want at least 5 and all should serve a purpose (no one letter ones just saying ‘PLEASE!’)


The deadline for this task is the 22nd of October. Please submit via a reply to the group PM you’ve already set up for past tasks.

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