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Task 1 - Hidden Habitats

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As we begin to leave the edge of the forest behind, you’ll notice the trees and undergrowth growing thicker (please watch your step). Many types of tree make up the forest: beech, oak, pine, sycamore and yew are just some of them. You might recognise those as woods commonly used in wands. You might also remember that Bowtruckles make their home in trees with wand-worthy wood.


Though not native to this part of Britain, over years of Care of Magical Creatures lessons, many Bowtruckles have escaped the Professor's notice and headed off to make a new home in the Forbidden Forest. Problem is, because they’re so protective of themselves and their trees, most people don’t really have much of an idea of how they live. For this first field assignment, we’d like you to take these woodlice (yes, you did hear me correctly) and go off a little way with your partner to find a likely tree.


In reality, we’d like you to use your imagination (and not just knowledge gained from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them). Produce a graphic of where you think a Bowtruckle lives within their tree: do they make nests, seek out hollows or something entirely different? Secondly, write a story (of 100 words or more) about how the two of you discovered this fact and anything you noticed about the Bowtruckles’ behaviour or habits in the process. Try to make it fun, humorous and informative!


The deadline for this task is the 15th of October and you MUST complete both parts (graphic and story) to gain full beans. To submit your graphic and story, please create a group PM that includes Prof. Dario Brighton, Sky Alton and your Partner. Use the subject ‘Forest - your name - your partner's name’ as you will be using this PM thread for all submissions and should simply submit all further tasks as replies.


 Okay, who annoyed those Bowtruckles? I think we had better move away quickly as we’re out of woodlice!

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