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Daring Décor (Mini Game)

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  Okay, so we’ve got the food and the entertainment but there’s still something missing to make a perfect party. Decorations! We need your help to deck the halls (well, the trees) with plenty of streamers, lanterns and other fabulous creations.


  For this mini game, we’re asking you to get hands on and actually physically craft us a party decoration. It could be as simple as a paper chain or lantern but if you’d like to go all out and sculpt us a life size lion out of gold and rubies, we certainly won’t turn you away. The theme can range from Gryffindor (plenty of Scarlet and Gold), to the season, to Halloween (Yes, for all you pumpkin carvers out there, this is your chance to shine).



-This is a mini game which means it’s  an individual activity so no partnering required.

-The Deadline is 31st October, 11.59 PM Hol-time

-Post photos of your creations as a reply to this thread

-You’ll receive 15 beans each for your first two decorations (you can make more but please try not to spam)

-At the end of the month, The Gryffindor staff will vote on their favourites and third place will win an extra 10 beans, second an extra 15 and first an extra 20.

-No cheating and passing off a shop bought decoration as your own or I shall release the hippogriff

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the pumpkin my husband and i!



I'm so sorry to not have the finished project, but I made these (and about 50 more things like these) for my friends' haunted house! They attached to a ceiling fan (turned on the lowest setting) with string so it's like a tornado!!

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