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Now that a motto has been chosen, it's time for the signature and avatar contest! For this contest, please try to use this year's winning motto by Maxim Trevelyan. The motto is, 'Paws of Glory'.


You can make just a signature, or just an avatar, or even both! It truly depends on how many beans you want!




  • This is an individual activity, no partner needed.
  • All designs should be your own. Do not take them from elsewhere.
  • Do not customise graphics with your own name, doll, or picture.
    These graphics should be available for all to use.
  • You can send in just a signature, just an avatar, or both (though they will be judged separately).
  • Signatures should be at most 250 pixels in width and 100 pixels in height.
  • Avatars should be at most 100 pixels by 100 pixels.
  • You may submit as many graphics as you want, but only the first 3 of each type will count for participation.
    All beyond 3 will still be included in voting.
  • Graphics need to be of appropriate rating. Nothing obscene or offensive.


Signatures and avatars will be voted on separately by the Gryffindor staff to determine the top 3 for each category.


  • 10 beans for each entry (3 maximum)
  • 10 additional beans for 3rd place
  • 15 additional beans for 2nd place
  • 20 additional beans for 1st place


There are 2 separate contests - signatures and avatars. So the beans count for each contest. That means submitting 3 signatures and 3 avatars will earn you 60 beans minimum, 30 for each category.


Send all Graphics to me (Prof. Dario Brighton) via a Common Room PM titled 'Sig/Av 2017' and include your HOL name, house and ID. Please try to gather them all together into one message - but if you end up deciding to submit more after you've already done so, please do not create a new message thread, but instead reply to the previous one


The deadline to submit your graphics is Saturday, the 7th of October by 11:59pm HOL time. They will then be voted on, and we'll hopefully have a winner posted the next day.

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