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I’ve just finished helping the house elves set up the buffet table and butterbeer fountain over there by that oak tree. They’ve been amazing to us so far but we’d like for them to be able to enjoy Gryfftoberfest too. So, we’re saving them from the cooking and turning this into a pot-luck, campfire cook out.


We need your recipes! They can be campfire, Halloween, October, Gryffindor or just plain party themed providing they’re yummy to eat. You can also include pictures of the cooking process and or of the completed dish if you like. Once you’re done, go place them on the table for everyone to enjoy.




  • This is a mini game which means it’s an individual activity so no partnering required.
  • Deadline is the 31st of October, 11:59 PM HOL time.
  • Post your recipes and any corresponding photos as a reply.
  • You’ll receive 5 beans for each recipe up to 4 (You could, if you really wanted, submit more but try not to spam.)


Anyone who doesn't bring food washes the dishes!

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This is a casserole dish which is good warm, hot or cold and (depending on how it is made) isn't sloppy (so it will stay on a plate well and be perfect in a cup).  Mostly it is great that it can be made with a huge variety of ingredients.


Tuna Casserole

Box of noodles (16 oz) -- whatever kind you choose,it can be the straight, the bent elbow, the seashell. Doesn't matter.

Two cans tuna (10 oz total) - this is optional to taste, I happen to like a lot of tuna and will use 3 cans!

Two cans mushroom soup. This can be asparagus soup, broccoli soup, any kind of soup.

Three cups of grated or shredded cheese

Cheddar cheese / Swiss chesee / Jack Cheese, Pepperjack Cheese

Herbs and spices -- your favourites - I use Chili pepper, Herbs de Provence, Thyme, Rosemary,


Alternative ingredients to consider -- adding broccoli, peas, any favorite vegetable (16 oz) to the mix.


Preheat oven to 350 degrees

While it is heating up, cook up the noodles. Put some garlic in the noodle water and a tablespoon of olive oil. (Garlic for flavour, olive oil to keep the pasta from sticking.) Heat the water to boiling and then add in pasta. Stir occasionally.  When they are still a little bit crunchy (al dente) (8 to 10 minutes +/-), remove from heat and drain.

Option 1: Put in LARGE mixing bowl. (Remember you will be putting all the noodles in the bowl, along with the tuna and the soup and the cheese.) 

Stir in herbs to taste. Drain tuna and put into mixing bowl. Mix it up some, mostly to break up chunks. Put soup into mixing bowl; mix it up some. Add the grated cheese. (You can easily put more cheese in, up to twice as much, if you want to have different kinds and flavours in there.)

Option 2: Put all the other ingredients into a large saucepan and, over medium heat, combine them until somewhat smooth. (You don't have to 'cook' it, just use the heat as an aid to combining.) When smoothly combined, gently fold pasta into saucepan and mix the ingredients  thoroughly.  

Whichever option you use, put the mixture into an oiled casserole dish. Bake it about 30 minutes -- until the cheese is melted and bubbling. 

Note: Do NOT overcook the cheese. Keep it 'melted' but not blackened.


When the casserole is done, remove and let cool for at least 5 minutes before serving. If you are taking to a picnic or a camp-out, let it cool and then put a top on the dish (if it comes with a fitted top, use that).


This is basically a thing of putting into the casserole whatever you happen to have in the house at the time and it will be good because of the pasta, soup and cheese and herbs.  Also, if you want a larger amount to take, just double the proportions. It's very forgiving of changes (albeit it might be more or less squishy depending on what changes and/or additions you make).

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Baked Acorn Squash



1 acorn squash per 2 people

1 tbsp butter per squash

1/2 tbsp brown sugar per squash

Optional - cinnamon, salt, pepper



1.    Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

2.    Using a sharp knife, cut squashes in half.

3.    Clean out the seeds and stringy bits from the center of the squash.

4.    Place cut side down on a pan with a two inch lip (perhaps a casserole dish), then add enough water to submerge the squash halfway.

5.    Bake at 350 for 20-30 minutes. Flip squash over and put the butter in the center of the squash.

6.    If you are going for sweet, add brown sugar with the butter. I also add cinnamon, but that’s only if you would like to. If you would rather not go sweet, then just add salt and pepper to taste.

7.    Return to the oven and bake for another 20 minutes, melting the butter/sugar, browning the edges slightly. Remove from the oven and enjoy! You should be able to scoop the squash away from the shell with a spoon. I suggest serving them in a bowl to keep all the butter contained. 

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The first recipe is something my mom discovered somewhere online years ago. It's very simple. All you need are bananas, shredded coconut, and some orange juice.


1. Cut the banana in half

2. Dip each banana half in orange juice

3. Roll the bananas in the shredded coconut


And now you have a delicious treat!


The second recipe is caramel covered apples!


What you need:


medjool dates (about a cup)

1/2 cup of coconut nectar

1/2 cup raw coconut milk (or you can buy unsweetened coconut milk at the store if you don't want to make your own)

a pinch of vanilla bean

a sprinkle of salt


Set your apples aside and blend everything else. When you have the texture you want, pour the caramel sauce into a bowl, stick the apple, and then dip it into the sauce. If you want, you can put toppings on your apples like chopped nuts, shredded coconut and/or chocolate sauce. (Recipe coming up below)


Recipe number three is one that is probably used a lot around Halloween because of all the treats, and it's chocolate sauce. Sure you can buy chocolate sauce at the store or just melt chocolate chips, but this chocolate sauce is completely raw vegan. Here's what you'll need:


4 tbsp raw, organic coconut oil

2 tbsp coconut nectar or agave nectar

3 tbsp raw cacao powder

1/2 tsp vanilla powder (if you grind the bean yourself, otherwise about 1 tsp of extract)


Mix all of this together and you have chocolate sauce! Put this on your caramel apples!


Recipe four is a recipe that I may have shared with a few of you, but it has been requested again. All you need is a peach, preferably a donut peach, but a white peach will do just as well. You will also need raw coconut butter (which you can buy or make yourself) and figs. We are making jelly/cream filled donuts!


Your first step is to cut the peach in half and remove the pit so you have a hole there. Then you are going to take the figs and scrape out the jelly inside of them and put them in the place where the pit once was on the peach. You can use as many figs as you want for this to get that filling just how you want it. As an alternative, if you do not have access to figs, you can make a cashew cream by soaking about a cup of cashews overnight and mixing them with a 1/2 cup water, coconut nectar (or agave nectar), and 1 inch of vanilla bean. Blend it until it's smooth and creamy and you can use that as the filling instead.


Once you have your filling, you are going to use your coconut butter as an icing to put on top of the peach. As an alternative, you could also use more cashew cream (there will be a bit left over for a few donuts).

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Mummy Brie



  • 1 sheet puff pastry, thawed
  • 1 round brie
  • 1 large egg
  • 1 tbsp milk
  • 2 mini pepperoni
  • 2 sliced black olives



  • Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. On a floured work surface, unroll puff pastry and cut into 1 inch strips. Wrap strips around brie like a mummy.
  • Whisk together egg and milk and brush over pastry. Transfer brie to a parchment-lined baking sheet.
  • Bake until brie is warmed through and gooey and puff pastry is deeply golden, 20 minutes.
  • For eyes, place two mini pepperonis into two sliced olives. Serve with crackers.

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Vanilla Uncake!


Vanilla Cake Mix

food coloring

white chocolate melts (or colored chocolate melts)


1. Mix the vanilla cake ingredients as directed. if you want, you can make the whole cake itself any color!

2. Once you have the cake mix in the pan, melt your chocolates! You'll need about 1 cup of melted chocolates total, so divide that by however many colors you want to use (i used 4, one for each house).

3. Pour each color in a corner of the cake.

4. Use a spoon to gently swirl the colors throughout the cake! REMEMBER: SWIRL, NOT MIX! Otherwise, you'll lose your colors and just have a muddy brown cake!

5. Bake as directed and voila! yummy cake with no icing needed :D



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