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Welcome to the month of mirth, madness and merriment that is Gryfftoberfest, our celebration of all things Scarlet and Gold! All HOL members from all houses are cordially invited to come and join in the daring festivities and discover their inner lion.


As well as our usual butterbeer fuelled hijinks and friendly competitions, this year we've decided to honour Gryffindor’s bold and adventurous reputation and we're offering staff and students the rare chance to summon their courage and explore the dark depths of the Forbidden Forest with the Keeper of Grounds (me >_>).


Sign-ups for the forest expedition begin now and will end on the 7th of October. You will need to find yourself a partner (for safety purposes). We have some fun to keep you occupied while you look for your partner and wait for the tour group to depart though. Gather round the camp fire for a party full of scintillating contests, riotous mini games and plenty of marshmallows!


You can sign up here and if you're still looking for a partner, make sure to check out this thread.


How It Will Work

Starting today, we’re giving you the chance to come up with a Motto to sum up Gryfftoberfest 2017. Once the Motto has been announced, our traditional Avatar and Signature contest will begin on the 1st of October. During the first week of October, we’ll also be posting a mini game every two days to whet your appetite for forging your way through the forest. All of these are individual activities - no partner required.


The main Forest (team based) section will begin with the first field assignment on the 8th of October. You and your partner will have 7 days to work on each challenge which will be posted on Sundays and Thursdays (so one will overlap another). Remember to keep an eye on the individual deadlines!


That boils down to:

Signups: 26th September - 7th October.

Each main task lasts 7 days - new ones will be posted on the 8th, 12th, 15th, 19th, 22nd and 25th.


I've also made sure to hide boxes of beans all around the Forest. You have the opportunity to earn beans for every activity in which you take part. Each main task will be worth 30 beans per team member and you will also get a 70 beans bonus for completing all 6 tasks. This leads to a total of 250 beans for the Forest challenge. The other events will state the beans-worth in their respective threads.


Without further ado, let’s begin!

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  A massive, massive thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate Gryfftoberfest! Your recipes, poems, designs, decorations and forest tasks were a delight to behold and definitely did justice to the house of scarlet and gold.


  After a slight delay while Prof Dario and I cleared up (*coughs* sweet talked some very irate centaurs, bribed some bowtruckles and did our best to avoid an angry acromantula), Beans have been awarded for nearly all activities. The only ones left outstanding are those mini-games and contests where we still have to decide a worthy winner (which we hope to do soon!). Thanks for your patience and most of all for your participation!

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  Now that I’ve finally rescued my clipboard from a very naughty thestral, I’m able to announce the winners of our contests!


  First, the winner of the Avatar and Signature contest is…

Shiloh Adlar!


  In second place is Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis and in third Polaris Black. Congratulations all three of you! The winning images will hopefully be posted shortly once Dario has brushed the Thestral hair off them.


The winner of the search to find a fabulous new outfit to appease our forlorn Fat Lady is….

Maxim Trevelyan!


In Second place is Shiloh Adlar and in third, Prof. Tarma Black. Way to go everyone! The Fat Lady is delighted and hasn’t yet stopped preening.


Finally, the winner of our crafty decoration contest…

Kim Alting!


And in second Place, Vanessa Tilley with Arianna Stonewater coming in third. Excellent work! You truly decked the trees.


  Sorry for the delay and thank you all once again for taking part, we had some truly amazing entries. It was wonderful to celebrate Gryfftoberfest with you all!

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