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Creative Crests (Off to School)

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  Crests are very important in the Wizarding world. There are our own house badges of Lion, Eagle, Badger and Snake that all come together to form the symbol of Hogwarts. There are the crossed wands and stars of our fellow school, Beauxbatons - not unlike   the crossed wand and bone of St Mungo’s Hospital. And there are also far more mysterious symbols, like the one that supposedly represents the 3 Deathly Hallows.


  We’re all very used to our house and school crests by now and have definite ideas about what they mean to us. But what about a more personal symbol? One that represents all of you and not just the qualities you share with your house?


It’s time to get creative! To earn 30 beans, please design yourself a symbol that represents you in some way. Maybe it refers to your nationality, your interests, your friends, your family or even just your favourite colour. Try to pull in as many aspects of you as a person as you can (and that you’re comfortable sharing with us). You could also include a short quote. If you made it to the right size (between 50x50 and 100x100 pixels), you could even use it as an avatar here on the Gryff CR.


As an example, a playful person who lived near the sea and was a lover of swimming, astronomy, nature and math might make a star shaped crest with a leaping dolphin at the centre and their favourite equation or lucky number beneath.


  You could draw or craft your crest in some way or just write us a description. If you choose to make an image, please include a brief explanation about what the different parts represent. If you write us a description, try to make it over 100 words so we can get a real idea of what your crest would look like. Remember to keep it Hol-appropriate!


 However you choose to do it, post it below by September 30th and you’ll earn yourself 30 beans.


For more fun activities to get you ready for the new term, remember to check out the ‘Off to School’ section of the Hol Forum

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gules, a saltire cotised, Or

My heraldic device - shown on a shield! 

Gules is red, the background colour. A 'saltire' is the X, much like a bold X in typing. 'Cotised' is the faint lines shadowing the X. Or is gold.

So the background is a strong red colour. Over laid on that is a golden X (the arms of which go to the upper corners of the shield), which would be clearly discernible across a field (or in battle). The 'Cotised' is faint lines to the sides of all parts of the X, with a definite showing of red between the gold X of the saltire and the gold shadowing of the cotise.



And I was so busy reading the coat of arms, and explaining it,I forgot the write-up. About me - I love history. If ever I wanted to teach another class, it would maybe be on heraldry, the background of it, the whys and wherefores of it, and how it has continued on to this day -- and folks don't even realize it!  I particularly love to read history as written by others than those who were, apparently, on the 'winning' side.  Or books written from different points of view than what I'd been 'taught' in school. I've a schoolbook, published in 1892 -- A History of The United States of America. Intended for students in schools, academies, colleges, universities and at home, and for general readers - by Robert Reed Howison -- and it is quite amazing to read what this person writes about the Civil War (War Between the States) in the United States.  It definitely tells a different story than the books I read in school. 

Terry Jones (of Monty Python fame but who also is a notable historian) and Alan Ereira wrote Crusades (they also made a BBC TV series of the same name), which has documentation from all viewpoints -- and which casts the 'crusaders' in a totally different light than some of the books I've read and the movies churned out by Hollywood (and other like sources) . 

Edited by Prof. Tarma Amelia Black

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The crest of the House of James. How to describe it. We are a wholesome house. We believe in nature and the power of nature that surrounds us. I believe you could call us kind of a naturalist house. Every thing we see and can feel is energy to us. We are brought to life by the tree of life. We feel everything through our ancestors. They create a legacy for us that we will follow or they will be there to interfere.


If there is a lesson for them to teach us, they show us in vision or images. We also have to keep this ability secret because there are many people who would like to learn this power. However, that particular skill is more ancestrally ancient than current times.




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This shield represents a stylized diagram of where I've moved throughout my life.  To the left of the pink line is the US; to the right is Europe (and the numbers represent latitude).  Although the diagram is far from to scale, the latitudes are at least accurate to within a degree or two!  And I think this represents my travels/ambitions/work fairly well.  (My HOL initials are at the bottom; outside of the dividing line, everything is in Slytherin colors.)

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The bottom half represents my heritage through my last name; Stonewater. The top half is my Slytherin side, along with one of my favorite Latin phrases, "qui audet adipiscitur" which means "(S)he who dares wins"

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The new house of Black. The shield colors represent not only my house but also the motto traits. The Fox is my Animagus and patronus. The motto are the traits the "New House of Black" value most.



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Hello everyone!


I really took my time with this crest and gave it a lot of thought.

Here is the result:




The Colors:

  • The red shield on a white background, is meant to bring the Japanese flag to mind. My heritage is an intrinsic part of who I am, and I am very proud of it!
  • The blue cross inside the shield represents Ravenclaw, my Hogwarts House. 
  • The golden banner represents the golden rule/motto that I try to live by. It will be further explained bellow.

The Symbols:

  • I researched a bit of heraldry in order to create this crest. The cross is actually St. Andrew's Cross, also known as Saltire. I chose it because it represents resolution. In this specific case, it's meant to symbolize a Ravenclaw's resolve to never stop learning. 
  • The swan in the middle of the shield is what I believe my Patronus would be. In real life, I have a small tattoo of a swan on my hip. The inspiration for it was the tale of the Ugly Duckling, by Hans Christian Andersen. Without going into too much detail about my personal life, it serves as a reminder that, no matter where you come from or what your childhood was like, you can always create a better, brighter, more beautiful future for yourself. (Fun Fact: Japan has serious issues with tattoos because of their association with the Yakuza, the Japanese mafia. As such, my tattoo is an act of societal defiance, even if very private. It stays covered even at the beach).
  • The background has three designs, which are meant to represent the three remaining  Hogwarts Houses. The leaves represent the delicate and gentle nature of the Hufflepuffs; the sword and the axe symbolize the nerve and the bravery of the Gryffindors; and the crown portrays the ambition of the Slytherins. I included them because I believe that I have a little bit of every House within me. In my life, I strive to be as loyal, patient and hardworking as a Badger; as brave and adventurous as a Lion; and as resourceful as a Snake. I opted to leave these designs uncolored because, even though I embody some of the traits of each House, they quite literally pale in comparison to my most dominant Japanese values and Ravenclaw qualities.

The Motto:

  • The golden motto by which I live my life is Wabi-Sabi (侘寂). This is a Japanese word which designates a very particular way of living, which focuses on finding beauty within the imperfections of life, as well as peacefully accepting the natural cycle of growth and decay. 

I hope you had as much fun reading about my crest as I had making it!

Edited by Sachiko Murata
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The Red color represents Loyalty and Strength. .. The Gold represents Endurance and Pride... The Gold Bar represents Protection... The Dragon or some say a Griffin with Wings represents Power and Courage....

The Dark Family has been around for centuries and has always come to the aid of Royalty when called upon.

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Hello everyone!


This is the crest of the Tilley's.  




We are from Germany.  The German tree is the mighty Oak that stands tall and proud through all seasons.  The middle of the tree contains the Star Sapphire also known as the Siegstein Stone to the Germans.  The Siegstein Stone is the symbol of victory.  Finally, our motto is  Aus Schaden wird man klug meaning adversity is the mother of wisdom.


The Tilley's are a proud family that prides themselves on the ability to overcome adversity no matter the circumstances or how bad things become. :) 

Edited by Vanessa Tilley

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This here is would be my crest. It shows my love for ballet with the pointe shoes, reading with the book behind the pointe shoes. There is also a heart that represents that my belief in love, kindness, respect, and harmony for all living things. I added the symbol for medicine since I love the field and plan to work in tropical medicine one day. The last part is the owl which represents Athena for her wisdom and my love of Greek mythology.

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(Sadly the link will not work and  I dont how to get the picture of the shield on here)

This is what I would use for my crest.

Shield Color: (Blue) = Strength, Loyalty
Chervon Color: (Green) = Hope, loyalty in love

Eagle (blue) = Protector, a person of action, noble nature, power, strength
Hand (gold) = Faith, sincerity, justice

*gold = Generosity
Heart (white) = Sincerity, truthfulness, charity

*silver/white = Sincerity, Peace

Motto = Unicum est Maria (The unique mind)

I feel that this would desrcribe me perfectly. I am a protector of my family and ones who I hold daer. I am loyal and have plenty of hope. I have faith and generosity to make new friends all the time. I am sincere and truthful to everyone. 

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