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Kim Alting

Birthday Calendar

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Birthday Calendar


January 17th - Tom Foster

January 18th - Zack Jameson

January 22nd - Iverian Gnash

February 4th - Prof. Zenix James

April 15th - Nicole Dark 

April 30th - Sierra Potter

May 21st - Prof. Nina Messersmith

June 12th - Prof. Jenny Lupin

July 6th - Prof. Hailey Potter

July 16th - Sky Alton

September 3rd - Amanda P.X. Sim

October 10th - Kim Alting

October 11th - Prof. Dario Brighton

November 1st - Prof. Missa Matz

November 15th - Patrick James


I got these from old posts. If there are mistakes, or if you want to be added to the calendar, please let me know <3

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Quick question... would it be alright if I say my daughter's birthday??? She too is a Gryffindor and her special day is August 15th. Nicole Dark 

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Oh my Goodness! !! I just realized. ... it's APRIL 15TH.... Not August. .. my apologies. .. I did this from my phone and didn't realize Auto correct.... sine I was in the month of August it changed my comment ... my aunt corrected me for another family event due to the AUGUST / APRIL mishap. .. Nicole Dark's Birthday is APRIL 15TH... Thank you Kim For the Response. .. ((virtual hugs))... 

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