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Gryffindor Common Room
Sky Alton

Time to Pack!

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  It’s nearly time to board the Hogwarts Express for the autumn term! Reading and equipment lists have gone out, your family has dragged you off to the shops and there is an ominous pile of stuff sitting on your bed. Whether this is your first or even your tenth Term at HOL, you still have to somehow wedge everything you’ll need into your trunk. Roll up your sleeves and let’s tackle the packing!


Books? Check. Quills? Check? Robes? Check!


  But what about the more exciting stuff? What personal items will you be taking to dress up your dorm, remind you of home or help you pass the time?  Your Gobstones Set? That lumpy unicorn jumper Auntie Gladys knitted you for passing your exams? That new, super cool model of the solar system from Diagon Alley? Or maybe just a massive box of chocolate frogs.


  Post below the top 10 personal items you’ll be trying to fit into your trunk before you trundle off to King’s Cross (you can include pictures, should you so wish). It’d also be cool to hear why you couldn’t possibly leave home without them.

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10 things of personal stuff -- not necessarily in order

1) 3 favorite books - box of books

2) knitting supplies - box containing knitting supplies (see below)

3) music & equipment on which to play it - box of music

4) swiss army knife

5) carrier bag (a small cross body bag for 'stuff')

6) blueberries in an ever-fresh frozen bag (see below)

7) sword (hand-and-a-half sword)

8) Neverwhere map

9) 3 favorite movies and equipment on which to play them (see below)

10) Kwan Yin statue


1) Three favorite books -- what can I say? The only difficulty there will be narrowing it down to three. Currently one will be Neverwhere, another The Silvered and probably another will be either a Dresden Files book or Shadowhunter Academy (or that entire series) or Mercedes Thompson books (including the Alpha and Omega books) ... *sneaks in more books* *changes on list to BOX of books*

2) Knitting supplies -- I knit very slowly. So this means that I'll put in two sets of circular needles and maybe 6 skeins of yarn and that will last me until Christmas holidays most likely. - Box of that too

3) Well, yeah. Music.  Mostly sound tracks ... and they don't take up much space ... so adding in some Chanticleer and other things and .. - put in Box.

4) Swiss army knife.  I use it a lot and carry it with me everywhere anyway, so it probably wouldn't go in the trunk. But it's a 'must have'.

5) My carrier bag, too, I always have with me when away from home; sort of automatically put it in. It's not all that large but holds little things like paper and pen and knife and stuff.

6) blueberries.  In a 'freezer' box. A box of blueberries. A box with an undetectable extension charm on it so I can have lots and lots of blueberries.

7) I just like having my sword with me. Don't know how she will fit in the trunk though but that's okay. I'll figure it out.

8) Neverwhere map. Easy to roll up.

9) Okay, by now I realize that 3 favorite movies is impossible so let's just make it another box. Probably all of these boxes have undetectable extension charms on them.  They  probably all weigh at least 20 pounds and the one with the books weighs about 50 pounds.  Oh well. Bales of hay weigh 140 pounds.  OH! Use a Feather-light charm!  GOT IT!

10) Kwan Yin statue.  Because ...


picture is of statue of Kwan Yin - ceramic - of lilac/blue glaze

Edited by Prof. Tarma Amelia Black

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1. My spin-y, lighty-upy, sound-effecty model TARDIS.

Because it’s a TARDIS (and also very effective at driving roommates to distraction)

2. One of my many jewellery boxes.

Because life without rings or quirky earrings…nah

3. My Poster of a fancy, historical sword

This hangs above my bed and I wouldn’t feel right without it

4. That Magical Model of the Solar System

Of all the magical, shiny objects from the books, I wanted that the most

5. My fencing epee

Have sword, will travel

6. My Fencing mask

Because you shouldn’t do something without the proper  safety equipment…

7. My fencing kit

…even if it does make you look like a storm trooper

8. My hand drawn map of The Old Kingdom

Because those books have a huge piece of my heart

9. Plenty of wizarding sweets

They just make homework that little bit more bearable

10. Plenty of treats for the Hippogriff Dario is buying me

Because I am a loving and responsible owner

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10 more personal items I will being taking to Hogwarts with me!


Let us start with the obvious:


1. Many, many books. I know we have an entire cathedral of a library, but there's nothing quite like one of your personal favorites.


2. Lemon-filled glazed doughnuts.


3. Netflix Probably would try and bring my color guard gear: flag pole, rifle, sabre. There's something quite relaxing about it.


4. An endless supply of sarcastic wit.


5. Bright pink converse. 


6. A muggle poster of Jennifer Lawrence and Grant Gustin.


7. My personal pillow.


8. Design perfume.


9. Lots of things that smell really good, candles and the like.


10. Muggle boardgame of LIFE where we magically change the careers and spaces to things that are magical.


There we go!

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Top Ten Things Reggy Has to Bring Besides School Things:

1) My little spider plant that I’ve had for a few years now.

2) The many notebooks and journals where I’ve jotted down ideas and notes. Not taking those would be like not taking my brain!

3) A host of bracelets, mostly of wood, leather, and stones like agate, jasper, and tiger’s eye. I pretty much always have at least one of these on my wrist.

4) The Charmander plush I always sleep with.

5) Comfy sweaters and hoodies for chilling in the dorms and common room are a must!

6) Whatever couple of books are at the top of my reading list at the time.

7) My favorite mug, a large and sturdy one, for coffee. Because I know I’ll need it, haha...!

8) My favorite Muggle CDs, and...

9) ...A Muggle CD player. I swear that this year, I’m going to find a way to charm it so it’ll play.

10) The board game Betrayal at House on the Hill, for when autumn rolls around and I feel decidedly more spooky.

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1 - My nearly-a-year-old Nimbus 2016. It is the first broom that I bought by myself and has served me well so far both on and off the Quidditch pitch.
2 - The Wizard’s Chess set that my father passed along to me. Games are a great way to make friends!
3 - A family photo. It is so rare for all six of us to be in the same place at the same time, so I’ll bring a Muggle-style photo.
4 - The pillow that a former professor made for me.
5 - My jigsaw puzzle globe because it is cool and educational.
6 - Tutshill Tornados poster - Go Tornados!!
7 - Bookmarks. There’s absolutely no way for me to narrow down which books to bring, but I will be sure to pack many bookmarks for all the books I borrow from the library or other people.
8 - Pepper-Up Potion. That common cold is pesky.
9 - Chocolate chip cookies - My go-to snack.
10 - The first Snitch I ever caught - as a reminder of the rewards of perseverance and skill.

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Being a professor definitely has perks as I don't have to mind for luggage allowance.


First of all, I think I'll arrange to have (1) my piano moved. After all, I am set to claim the Slughorn office and there is bound to be enough space for a pianoforte. I would also make sure to bring my (2) Foe Glass with me, you never know what's luring. Then there is the (3) emerald gobstones set. I used to be on the Hogwarts Gobstone Team as a student. The (4) flying carpet I bought when I visited the Arabian Peninsula is very dear to me. Although, I tend not to keep any furniture on it as it randomly levitates a few centimetres off the ground. A shelf populated with (5) expensive bottles of appropriate drinks is a must. Then I also have to bring enough (6) crystal stemware. Both are for when Sky decides to pop up and discuss the mess her hippogriff has made and obviously for when I entertain, since that is one of my favourite pastimes. I could never leave out the (7) photographs of people dear to me, so I there is likely going to be a corner dedicated just just photographs. I do not intend to leave out my (8) traditional coffee brewing set and a (9) porcelain tea pot with matching cups. Finally, my (10) knitting and crocheting equipment has to go with me as well. Is there anything more calming than making something with your own hands next to a fireplace over a cup of tea or coffee and then having a guest or guests over for drinks, a round of gobstones and a nice sing-along by the piano? 

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1.  My jewelry (necklace, earrings, rings). The necklace was a gift from my mother for my 18th birthday, and my rings all have some sort of story behind who gave them to me and when.

2. My flute. I tried gave up music for a few years before realizing it was a huge part of me and I would want to continue playing.

3. My pocket dragons, because they’re adorable and would be my little companions on my nightstand in my new room.

4. My journal – it holds all of my deepest thoughts and most important memories. I don’t know what I’d do without being able to write and reflect on those memories.

5. My fan, because I can’t sleep in silence and wouldn’t want to get there to find I had no source of background noise to sleep with.

6. The small collection of my books that I don’t mind reading over and over again.

7. My pillow, because I don’t travel anywhere without it if I’m staying for a prolonged period of time.

8. A bag of chocolate covered blueberries, because they’re my favorite snack and I’m bound to get hungry on the ride there.

9. A stack of puzzle books and pens so that I’d have something to do when I was up and everyone else was asleep.

10.The greeting cards I have kept from friends and family members that have significant messages in them, so that I always have a connection to those relationships.

Edited by Kendra Givens

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1. Pictures of my family, since I'm the only one at HOL and I'll miss them

2. my water bottle. I never leave home without it!

3-5. my box of jigsaw puzzles, my coloring books, and my Legos for when i've got some down time

6. My pet home. I just finished building it this summer; it's got a spot for all three of my pets- a pond at the bottom for my toad, a comfy bed with scratching post for my cat, and a tree-shaped hole with a branch for my owl

7. My prayer blanket. it was knitted by my mom when i was a baby and I take it with me everywhere i go overnight

8. my origami paper. I'm learning to get better at it

9. my bag of jollyranchers....wizarding candy is good, but not THIS good

10. my laptop, so i can keep up with my muggle shows

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1. chocolate (for the taste and to ward off Dementors)

2. Slytherin pride swag (like a replica of Regulus's locket)

3. Felix Felicis (for obvious reasons)

4) my secret Time Turner (again, could be very useful here)

5) my Thunderbolt VIII (my VII was fast, but often would refuse to go where I wanted it to)

6) a Muggle-to-Magic adapter allowing me to use electric devices in the dungeons

7) my pet anaconda (for hugs; I swear!)

8) objects with the power of warming charms (I get cold easily!)

9-10) "The Rules of Being a Successful Slytherin" and "Prefects Who Gained Power" because... well... I want power and success!

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1) My stuffed animals for nights that I have nightmares.
2) A diary to right my thoughts in
3) Pictures of my family
4) My books so I can read
5) A bag of candy including chocolate , Swedish Fish, Twizzlers, etc

6) My lava lamp

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