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Gryffindor Common Room
Sky Alton

Superlatives! (2016-2017)

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  We’re gearing up for another amazing school year so what better time to look back on what was awesome about the last one? Or should I say ‘Who’.


  HOL is wonderful but it wouldn’t be the place it is without the people who stroll the castle corridors. So it’s time to remind them just why they’re so tremendous by handing out some completely made up but very shiny prizes! This is wide open for all houses and anyone (students, professors, post graduates, ghosts, even giant squids) is welcome!


  Gryff is giving you a chance to make up your own award for those friends, professors or team mates who make your time on HOL memorable (or maybe even just people you see around now and again who you think deserve an imaginary trophy). You can be as silly, sappy or serious as you like. For instance, for my first presentation, I’d like to award…


Prof. Missa Matz- ‘The Order of the Golden Wader’

 For her fearless traversing of the sapping swamp of tedium that is Common Room Registration approvals.


Post your awards below along with your reasons why (should you want to share them) and I’ll edit them into this post so everyone can see what beautiful, jewel encrusted gongs they’ve received! But folks, please keep your acceptance speeches to 5 minutes maximum, okay?


Awards Received


Amanda P. X. Sim: The Paw Full of Plumes Award


Gail Allen: The Viking Bread Award


Jonah Gilmore: The Mischief Managed Award


Kendra Givens: The Funnel Cake Award


Kim Alting: The Fantastic Pharmacists and Where to Find them Award


Marie Dark: The Pur-fect Publicist Award


Maxim Trevelyan: The Ticklish Jellyfish Award


Nicole Dark: Mischief Managed Award


Patrick James: The Quality Quidditch Medal


Prof. Amy Lupin: The Miraculous Ifficiency award


Prof, Dario Brighton: The Sassy Techie Super Hero Sunglasses Squirrel Award, The Awesome Problem Solver Award


Prof. Hailey Potter : Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Mentor


Prof. Missa Matz: Order of the Golden Wader, Sweet Momma-bear Award


Prof. Tarma Amelia Black: The One Award to Rule Them All


Rowan Wildsmith: Order of the Copper Compass


Sky Alton: Muggle-Life Acumplisher Award, Most AMAZING AWESOME PERSON EVER award


Vanessa Tilley: Order of the Platinum Paintbrush


(Massive credit to Prof. Hailey Potter for the idea and working out the logistics last year)

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Here are mine so far....


For my Gryffies…

Amanda P. X. Sim-The Paw Full of Plumes Award

For earning 5 quills (as well as all those points!)


Kim Alting-The Fantastic Pharmacists and Where to Find them Award

For phenomenally completing her degree, getting a job and still being here when we need her


Patrick James-The Quality Quidditch Medal

For participating in games but also regularly representing the lions at Quidditch Pick-ups, SQL and the like


Nicole Dark and Jonah Gilmore-The Mischief Managed Award

For nearly always being on the Marauder’s Map when I check it (which is a lot!)


Marie Dark-The Pur-fect Publicist Award

For trying her best to convince people to join Hol and extoling the wonders of Gryff in particular


Rowan Wildsmith-Order of the Copper Compass

For frequently popping up all over Hol


Prof. Dario Brighton-The Sassy Techie Superhero sunglasses Squirrel Award

Just cause….


For Everyone Else…

Vanessa Tilley-Order of the Platinum Paintbrush

For being a true artist and sticking to that painting despite Goldilocks’ constant bad behaviour


Maxim Trevelyan- The Ticklish Jellyfish Award

For reminding me that there’s always another, awesome way to look at a situation, even if it has stingers.


Gail Allen-The Viking Bread Award

For working outdoors all day teaching people how to make this and still coming back to produce perfectly risen activities for our delectation


Kendra Givens-The Funnel Cake Award

Just for being her sweet self (and because of that QM that I will never live down)


Prof. Amy Lupin-The Miraculous Ifficiency award

For that…and for being incredibly fluffy


Prof Tarma Amelia Black-The One Award to Rule Them All

For admirably staying on top of everything and for inspiring several awesome things (not least an Impulsive Lord of the Rings re-read) that I may or may not have strictly had the time for.


There will be more, I just haven’t thought of ways to phrase them yet!

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Sky Alton - Muggle-life accomplisher

For graduating and being an awesome writer and instrument player. 


Prof. Hailey Potter - Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Mentor

For helping me plan my Disney World trip and being the best mentor in taking over her class. 


Prof. Dario Brighton - Awesome Problem Solver

For solving problems with the CR and HOL-site.


Prof. Missa Matz - Sweet Momma-bear

For making me Head Prefect and being helpful whenever I need it. 


More to come...

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I apologize. I have been away for quite a while so I do not know many people, but as it goes along, I will add to this.


To Sky Alton I give the: Most AMAZING AWESOME PERSON EVER. - Explanation. She is here in Gryffindor helping to lead and establish new blood and make us GREAT. Which gives her the title of what I just said. Yes, it's ridiculous, but it's true. 

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To Sky Alton, I reward the Lion's Pride! You are literally like the leader of everything in the common room. You have help so many people , including me in the common room. Thank you for all you do. I also award her the Lioness Award. For being the voice of Gryffindor and leader as well.

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