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      If you are feeling lost you should definitely click to be taken to our shiny guide for new Gryffindors (and visitors, as well). You can find almost anything there: From directions on how to sign up, IRC guides to House rules, valuable information and various other guides and posts. Enjoy your stay, HOL Gryffindor Staff.
    • Prof. Jenny Lupin

      Want to Play Quidditch?

      *waves* It's me again! So you want to learn how to play Quidditch? Want to join the super amazing Gryffindor Quidditch Team? Then follow this link: You can find out all the important information about how to practice, where to practice and how to join the team! Can't wait to see you on the pitch!
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Prof. Missa Matz

Registrations Fall 2016/Spring 2017

5 posts in this topic

Prof. Nina Messersmith
Alice Kingsley - First Year
Mary Starfire - First Year
Natalia Hensley - First Year
Gertrudis Leheureux - Ravenclaw Guest Student

Not Approved:
Luna laby - Please use proper capitalization

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Dahlia Jones - First Year
Halley James - First Year
Echo Stepstone - First Year
Andrew Snowell - First Year
Claudette Ophelia Smythe - Slytherin Guest Student
Ariella McManus - Ravenclaw Guest Student
Ainsley Royce - Ravenclaw Guest Student

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Elliot Bloodworth - First Year
Kayla Kennedy - First Year
Zach Jameson - First Year
Greene Saturnus - First Year

Aidan Baker - Slytherin Guest
Oliver Strike - Hufflepuff Guest
Katelin Ross - Hufflepuff Guest

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