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Rowan Dream

Lie to Me

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UGH. Really?! I looked at that one in the wrong way. I thought maybe you were proficient in less, not more. I underestimated you. My bad.


1. I studied briefly at Duke University.

2. I'm terrified of vehicles.

3. Spring is my favorite month of the year.


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#2. Sorry but I cant really see this. I am not fan of horror myself.

1) I get hit in head by a can of baked beans before

2) I have Gryffindor on Pottermore
3) I enjoy watching game shows

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Actually the lie is #1.  I am an INSANELY HUGE horror fanatic.  Ask Sky.


I am going to go with #3


I do have a scar shaped like a lightning bolt from a car accident but it is on my right thigh. 

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