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Rowan Dream

Favourite memories

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First off all HAPPY NEW YEAR :D 

Now that 2015 is running on its last hours, I was wondering what your favourite memories are from 2015. It can be anything. 

My favourite memorie from 2015 was celebrating my one year anniversary with my wife. Though I have off plenty memories to choose from I pick that one because it was a special day, it did rain but hey we had a blast :D 

My other great memorie was rejoining HOL. i missed the place a lot, sooo welcome back for me <.< 

Anyways share what ever you want to share :D 



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Hmm.. this year has been an interesting one. 

My best moment was when I was appointed head of the Drama club for y grade!! That was super cool. Its a lot of work, but worth it.


I also rejoined Hol this year, well, like 2 weeks ago, and it was certainly a good choice. I've already regained lots of friendships and caught up on lots I missed out on

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You all have amazing memories!

I can't decide, luckily 2015 was a good year: I went to Barcelona in August with my family, lost the weight I wanted to lose, became JP and then prefect here at HOL, had the opportunity to know new people in HOL and even outside because of my passion, the cosplay...


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