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Rowan Dream

Cheers for gryffindor

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(to the admins: if this isn't allow am sorry and if it isn't allowed you may delete this topic)


It is a new term in HOL and we gryffindors need some cheering for well ourselves! It has been ages since we won the house cup so I made this topic to give some cheers to ourselves. Hopefully our house spirit will be lifted and we'll win the housecup

Post a homemade picture ( do upload them to the picture hosting site like photobucket,...), a drawing, a cheer, a poem, a song,... ANYTHING you can think of to help us win the house cup :D. You can post up to three post but please leave some people between your posts so we don't spam :) 

Here is mine

Gryffindor Gryffindor

we are the house of d'or (gold)

we happily roar to the sky

where we sadly can not fly

we need to win the cup this year

and leave the rest behind us in fear


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