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Duck, Duck, Goose

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Oh, well, that's simple: sleeping ahah Well, actually I like when all my family seats for lunch and we stay around the table for a very long time chatting and having good time



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That's better: me dressed as Megara, from Disney's Hercules (which is one of my favorite character, just see my profile pic lol) and Belle from Beauty and the Beast *-*



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(Oh my gosh you're so talented for making those costumes!)

Mulan! I can relate to her perhaps because she's of Chinese descent as well, and I love her bravery, loyalty, and filial piety. I did dress up as her (in warrior form) when I was a kid, but I don't have the pictures with me at the moment, it's somewhere in a dusty photo album.


Duck :)

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Mulan is one of my very favorite characters ever! She's awesome.

So, Ale, you must tell us a story about a dragon and a princess. Doesn't matter how long it is :)


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ϟϟ Once upon a time, there was a big kingdom, in which lived a beautiful princess. She was kind and polite to everyone, could sing and dance and draw and write as no-one else in all the kingdom. Her parents were so proud of her that they signed her up for the most famous college ever created, so that she could study and become an amazing leader for her people.

And so our lovely princess left, traveled a long and finally reached the college, that happened to be in another kingdom. There, the king was evil, cruel and selfish, and when he knew about this princess, he wanted to marry her. She refused, and the college Headmaster, a nice guy named Mushu Drag (eh eh), with Chinese origins, decided to protect the princess, by standing against his own king, and told her about this old myth about the symbol of the college, an ancient sword. the legend said it belonged to a female hero, Mulan, who defeated the whole Huns army all by herself, using that sword. Our princess believed Mushu, so they were prepared to reject the king as soon as he would have shown up to take over the princess; the evil king decided to move war against the princess' kingdom, though, so Mushu and the girl decided to use the sword to defeat the king and his army.

They met in a field, at the border line between the two kingdoms. The princess challenged the king to a duel, and he agreed. When she was about to win, though, the king ordered his army to attack Mushu, who was suddenly in mortal danger. Without a second's thought, the princess forgot about the king and rushed aside her friend, to protect him. Her courage was so pure that the sword glowed of a red light, and suddenly Mushu begun to transform. His body became longer, skinnier, his hands turned into talons, and his teeth in claws. He grew a tail and a couple of wings, and his skin turned ruby red. He had turned in a full-grown dragon!

The princess didn't hesitate. As Mushu the dragon began to fight to reject the king's army, she helped him by fighting using her sword. When all the enemies were defeated, and the whole army was on the run, the princess was exhausted, but proud of their job. She turned, and saw his friend turning back to the human form.

"I knew I was a descendant of the dragons, but I would have never thought I could become one ahah", he said, then they both returned to the college. They looked for the entire legend of the sword, and that's what it said:

"When the girl and the dragon will fight side by side, the sword will release its real power: the dragon would wake up and at least be free to reveal himself, and the story will be repeated."

From that day on, Mushu was able to turn from human to dragon and back, and became really close with the princess. She graduated, at least, and went back to her kingdom, where she was considered a national hero. Every once in a while, Mushu went to visit her, and eventually they fell in love for each other. They married and ruled the kingdom in peace and harmony for a very long time. Their children were beautiful like the mother and strong like the father, and they all have the gift to turn into dragons.

And this is the story of how the beautiful princess and the strong and fearless dragon defeated the evil king, and started the famous and long-lasting Drag dinasty. ϟϟ

Sorry if it's too long and a little meaningless lol


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