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Gryffindor Common Room
Kim Alting

Duck, Duck, Goose

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So, I stole this game from the Ravenclaw common room because I really liked it!


It's called Duck, Duck, Goose and its goes as follows: 


Person 1 says Duck, so does person 2. Then (unfortunately) person 3 has to say Goose. Person 4 then can think of something that person 3 has to change. This can be something in their avatar, location, name, signature. And you can think of the period of time this has to change. 


Example: "Put I like bogey flavoured beans" in your signature for a week. 


Hope you all like the game as much as I do.


I'll start: Duck


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Finish off the last sentence of every post you make with 'and Severus thinks so too' for twenty four hours - the clock starts from the first post you make after you read this.

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