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Gryffindor Common Room
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Prof. Zenix James

Art Department Points Opportunity!

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The HOL Art Department just unleashed their first new project of the term and it's time for you all to go earn some points! 


Project Category:   Category 3 (worth max. 30 Points)
Max. File Size:   300 KB
Project Start:   September 10, 2014
Submission Deadline:   October 04, 2014

Project Description

Yay it's Ickle time! I love seeing first years joining and getting settled into their new houses. The Art Department wants to give them a big hello and welcome.

Make a welcome sign for the new ickles! You can give a specific welcome to a certain ickle, ickles in your house, or all the ickles in every house. 

Your image should be no larger than 600 by 600 pixles and no smaller than 300 by 300.


Click here to be transported to the project

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