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Gryffindor Common Room
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Prof. Missa Matz

Welcome to Fall term, 2014

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Hello Gryffindors and welcome to another new term here at HOL and Gryffindor! We hope to have a fun filled year and hopefully do better all around than we did last year, and of course we will totally need your help in doing so.

First, before we get into all the fun stuff, whether you are a new Gryffindor or a returning Gryffindor, if you have any questions, or need a reminder of the rules or help finding something that might have been moved, please visit this topic It should get you all caught up.

Now this year we're going to liven things up a bit and make some changes. Throughout the year you'll get to meet the staff and your prefects and so on. In September you will be sorted into your dens by our own Prof. Dario. Whatever den you get is the den you stay in for the year, so no asking to be put in a specific den or moved dens - it won't work. Everything is done randomly for the sorting. This year we will only have two dens so that we can increase activity in the dens and so that you can meet more of your fellow Gryffindor's. This year the dens are Disney based, the idea coming from Prof. Zenix.

Don't forget about the study room, where you can get help with your classwork or participate in any challenges there. There's the library, which is up and running again and some clubs and quidditch to join if you want.

For you new Gryffindor's, there's the LCPP (Lion Cub Pawtner Project) that you can sign up for so that you can have an older, experienced Gryffindor buddy (and totally like an instant friend) to help show you the way when you want it or need help. It's an awesome thing to be involved with. You olbies should also go volunteer to help the new students because it's a great and rewarding thing to do, plus you'll get to make new friends.

Now if I missed anything, which I more than likely did since I haven't written one of these topics in a while, I'm sure you can find it somewhere in the forums, or someone will add on to this post because our staff is on top of stuff like that.

So on behalf of the Gryffindor Staff, I want to say welcome (and so does Prof. Dario - he told me to type that) and I hope you have a great and fun time this year!

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