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Prof. Zenix James

Fall Term 2014 Gryffindor Classes

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As the HOL forum has a thread going for new class advertisements, I thought it would be nice to throw up an advertisement for classes offered by Gryffindor professors. This way, first years and other students can see which classes are taught by their own houses and get a better idea of what is out there.


I'll go ahead and start this jam session.


Hello, students!
I don't know about all of you, but I'm ready to have an awesome class this term. We have Butterbeer, Chocolate Cauldrons and Pumpkin Juice. So, we're pretty much ready to throw down and party.
My name is Professor Zenix James and I would like to welcome you to a brief overview of the class 'When Muggles and Magic Collide,' which is a one term class.
I am sure you are wondering what exactly this class is going to be about, other than some fun, joking around and a lot of tomfoolery. I hope that you will gain some insight into a bit of magical history and how it governs our world of magic. Here's a brief description of the class:
Non-magic folk, and those in the Wizarding world, have been living side-by-side for centuries. Those of whom we refer to as 'muggles' (or the aforementioned non-magic folk) have been kept in the dark about the existence of wizards, witches and their magic, but why? What caused witches and wizards to create a secret world and a superiority complex over the muggle world? Maybe it's all those biting doorknobs taking off fingers. I wouldn't blame them myself at that point. (Thanks a lot, Willy Widdershins.)
During this class, we will discuss various topics and theories as to why this has happened:
September Lesson: Muggles, Magic, and the Wizarding World: The Beginning of Double Standards.
October Lesson: Misconstruing Magic
November Lesson: The Ministry of Magic: The Governing Body of the Magical World
December Lesson: Unlawful Persecution - Including the Salem Witch Trials: The Cause,
Myth, and Aftermath
Final Exam
While these seem like loaded topics, they're essential to understanding our world
and, I promise, not as intimidating as they seem. So, that's about it! Sounds highly
interesting, right? I think so and I sincerely hope you'll join me this term!
For more information on the class, feel free to Clck Here and enjoy!

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Hi everyone!
This term I am teaching my first class, World Building! World Building will be a one term class with one final due date for all assignments and extra credit assignments so that whenever your creative juices start flowing you can pour them into your work and send them my way. That sounds a bit weird, but you need a flair for weirdness if you want to create an entire world in your head!
So here is what we're going to get up to in the coming weeks:
Questions! Lots of questions! This class is all about knowing the right questions to ask, so be prepared! We will look at the premise for your world in week one, followed by the history, a look at people and culture, the geography, and finally the all-important extraction from your brain into an actual readable textual artwork.
Creativity is not just encouraged in this class, it is essential! Each of your extra credit assignments will give you the chance to branch outside of the writing box by way of illustrations, advertisements, using your skills of persuasion, or - my personal favourite - more writing! And as for the assignments themselves, there will be all sorts of inventions, evaluations, and clarifying why whatever thing you just came up with on the spot is the most awesome idea that ever did awesome.
So come! Join us! Create stuff! 
You know you want to.

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HIstory of Magic and HOL Quidditch. 1) I suck at graphics so no nifty banners for me. 2) I wrote intro's on the pages so my laziness tells me to tell you to go look at the pages.


http://gryff.net/HoM/index.html - History of Magic

http://gryff.net/Quid/index.html - HOL Quidditch


This post was approved by the letter R and the number 11, just because.

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This post was approved by the letter R and the number 11, just because.


As a kindergarten teacher, I totally approve of this statement. xD 


Umm.... so yeah. I can't make the shinies either. So umm.....


1. An Introduction to Divination

The first of a series of two classes, welcome to the 12 types of divination studied at Hogwarts. We'll be discussing the history of each type, who studies it, and how you can use it. With opinion questions, it would be a fun class to take! 

2. HOL 101

Are you a new student finding yourself lost in the halls? Or maybe you just want to know the secret crannies and nooks you can find? Then HOL 101 is for you! 

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