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Gryffindor Common Room
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Eno Thomas

Welcome to the Study Room

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First and foremost,








Ok now that this is done, we must get down to real business here. Let me welcome you to the Study Room. As the name of the forum says, this is the place that will contain information regarding anything about Studies. But before I get into more details, let me explain a little bit how important and useful this part of the forum will be to you, to us and to our quest in getting the House Cup.


Just like in the books and the movies, in order to win the House Cup, Harry and his classmates have to work hard on earning points. Yes, some acts of heroism have led them to earning points, but remember

we aren't heroes and we are first and foremost students. smile.gif Some acts of honesty or help will get you points, but for 95% of the time, doing your homework will earn you points. Other ways to earn points include: art and library projects, games/challenges that might be offered by HOL, etc... It is important you participate as much as you can (of course don't overwork yourself smile.gif). But if you don't, we don't earn points and therefore no House Cup.


And this where this Study Room will come in handy to you. Here, Hailey Potter or myself will post point opportunities. Other than the obvious homework from your classes, there are possibilities to win points in projects as stated above. And anytime those opportunites arise, we will post them in the Point Opportunities thread, found at the following link:



For all your hard work, not only will you be recognized by your Head and Deputy Head of House, Professors Missa Matz and Jenny Lupin, but you will also have the opportunity to win shiny awards (personally I love awards and they are worth working for smile.gif). You can find a list of awards at the Awards thread, found at the following link:


Note also that once every month, or if we are feeling like we can do, every week or every other week, we will post a Standing of top 20, 50 or 100 (depending on space). The higher you are, the more recognition you get. Plus being competitive is not a bad thing wink.gif Personally, I am aiming to be Top Point Earner of whole HOL. Think you can beat that? Then please do try smile.gif


If you want more information on how to earn points, visit the following link:


If you have any questions, any comments, any requests, please feel free to contact Prof. Hailey Potter. We are more than willing to be of any help smile.gif


Hope to see you around the Common Room, and get those points wink.gif


Credits post this post goes to Lucy Greyback. I just edited a few things.


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*bumps this*

Students shouldn't post in this thread and in the Points Opportunity thread, if you do your comment will be deleted. Don't worry though you're not committing murder just try to avoid it :P

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