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  1. I need a new idea for a cosplay. My wacky waving flailing arm inflatable tube man idea flopped. 

    1. Rowan Dream

      Rowan Dream

      mmm malificent, mulan, ....

    2. Kim Alting

      Kim Alting

      I like the Malificent idea! 

    3. Alessandra Grace

      Alessandra Grace

      what kind of cosplay do you do?

  2. Ardeliah Longbottom


    YAY! I now declare myself the answer to life the universe and everything! If you are as geeky as I am you will know what that means. :D Thanks Fumei!
  3. Welcome April, the month of fools Don't forget, Gryffindor rules Remember, it's still time for school Don't just sit on your wooden stool So, earn points and stay cool Spices will cheer for you, by the pool!

  4. Ardeliah Longbottom

    1 - 10 000

  5. Flowery hearts, wingely parts

    the house will show

    Where the points flow

    Where the contests grow

    That's where we'll meet you

    And gryffindor will glow like aneternal flow

    Greetings, Spice Squad!

  6. When you're eating turkey, Feeling kinda jerky

    As you're hanging up mistletoe & see old St. Nick ho-ho-ho

    Remember Gryff red & Slyth green-they're ahead of us for house cup, those fiends!

    Run off to do your homework, before you go eat more turk-ey!

    Happy holidays, The Spice Squad