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    Is there an A?
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    1 - 10 000

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    Hanging Out At Hogwarts

    *sips on a cool Pumpkin juice under that infamous tree by the Black Lake* Hello, my beautiful people! I am coming to you from the edge of the Black Lake with a curious question for you all. I hope you will honor me by letting me know what you think and what your ideas are. At Hogwarts, this lovely school where we attend and/or teach, where do you love to hang out and relax when you're not in classes or doing homework (or avoiding taking O.W.L.S)? Let's say it's Saturday and you have the whole day ahead of you: what are you doing? Where are you going? Maybe, even, who are you going with? Do you have a secret spot? As a professor, I cherish the free time I have when I'm not working on The Gryffindor Paw Print or teaching classes. Or when I'm not in my Hobbit-hole of a dungeon hiding from the world. Personally, I really enjoy catching some sun by the Black Lake under a beech tree. I'll take a good novel out and read for a bit or watch the students throw food into the lake for the Giant Squid. I'll also secretly hope that no one gets picked up by a tentacle by the ankle. While it was rather funny last year, the paperwork and notifying parents was an absolute nightmare. So, tell me, where are your favorite spots?
  4. Prof. Zenix James

    Drink Discussion

    Well, since my original drink was overruled...I'm going to go with a drink related to coffee, life a frappe. I love those any time of the year.
  5. Prof. Zenix James

    Which Element to What House

    I have no idea what made me think of this, but after this thought came to my mind, I am now obsessed with hearing other people's opinions. There are obviously four different houses at Hogwarts: Ravenclaw, Slytherin, Gryffindor and Hufflepuff. However, if you take a second and think about it...Which element do you think applies to each house? As most of us know, there are 4 to 5 elements, however for this topic, we are going to stick to the main four: Earth, Air, Water, and Fire. Spirit was the fifth element I was referring to, but leaving that out. Or we can actually apply it to the lesser known house of Sparklypoo which resides here. Which element do you think belongs to each house? I want to hear your answers and I want to know why you think that! I have my own opinions and I will voice them after more people have voiced theirs. Tell me!
  6. Submit to the Paw Print for February! Info in The Quivering Quill! Happy New Years!

  7. Gryff Paw Print: December Edition just dropped! Go read it and let us know what you think! Happy Holidays!

  8. 2 DAYS DEADLINE FOR PAW PRINT SUBMISSIONS AND PROSE AND CONS! Sorry for the yelling. Not really. Love ya!


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    Is there, by chance, an I? Like i. Letter i. Not L. :D
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    What am I thinking?

    A CHRISTMAS TREE! Which I need to put mine up. Blarg. I'm thinking of something mythical, magical and has a beard.
  12. The Paw Print is now accepting submissions for the December Edition!

  13. The New November Edition of the Gryffindor Paw Print has hit! Check it out! https://wmmchol.wixsite.com/gryffpp

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    Slap the person above you!

    I slap Sky for being a far better writer than myself.
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    1 - 10 000

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    Word chain

  17. Prof. Zenix James

    Innocent or Guilty?

    I JUST DID THIS YESTERDAY. I told my neighbors, of whom I totally despise, I made them a Georgian Pecan pie when I definitely bought that thing from Wal-Mart. So guilty. I AM NOT ASHAMED. Forgot someone's birthday and bought them some generic store gift instead of a real one.
  18. Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate! Eat all the turkey! <3

  19. Prof. Zenix James

    What am I thinking?

    Cotton candy for sure! I'm thinking of something creepy and crawly.
  20. Shout out to GQT for their great Quidditch match today! Props to Jenny Lupin for catching the elusive snitch! 

    1. Prof. Tarma Amelia Black

      Prof. Tarma Amelia Black

      GQT did a great job! And I did that puzzle (it's in the Dungeons now) and I'm so impressed that Jenny solved it as fast as she did, while actually continuing to play, too. Check out (I think it is called Puzzle Corner or something like that) the puzzle called 'Aurors' in the Dungeon to see what she encountered and solved!

  21. Prof. Zenix James

    Innocent or Guilty?

    Hey Storm, I don't see a guilty or innocent suggestion from you, so I'm going to take Sky's last one, although I'm very guilty of watching HP movies for days on end. I am sure I am guilty of doing something I saw or read somewhere, I just can't think of what that could be. Has stayed up playing video games all night. (I'm totally not doing that right now with the new Sims 4 Expansion Pack.)
  22. Prof. Zenix James

    What am I thinking?

    Hey, Iverian. So, the concept of this game is that you don't actually have to confirm what the person above you is actually thinking of. You just post something that you think it might be, then you post a short description of something you're thinking of and the next person does the same. So, I'll take Dario's. Dario is thinking of peanuts of course. I'm thinking of something white, cold and wet.
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    1 - 10 000

  24. Prof. Zenix James

    What am I thinking?

    Dood, it's been so long I don't even remember what I was thinking of.
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    1 - 10 000