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  1. 3180! Good going, peeps!
  2. I know I have, I just can't remember the specifics. I'm sure we had a lovely 45 second chat after, though. Ever taken/given a ride from/to a complete stranger?
  3. Guilty. I've lived a dangeoursly reckless life and have broken both ankels and feet twice each, along with 3 ribs. Thank you, Color Guard. Has never been up for 30 hours straight binge watching a TV show.
  4. 3173
  5. Coldplay
  6. Apologise from the Staff regarding the Paw Print. Rampaging Hippogryffs torn into our editing room and we are trying to fix everything so we can get the next issue out. Your patience is appreciated.

    1. Sky Alton

      Sky Alton

      ...totally wasn't my hippogriff. He is a paragon of good behaviour...*mumbles* who won't be allowed anymore sleepovers with his wild friends after this.

    2. Zach Jameson
  7. Okay, so that's the end of the ABC game with animals, so let us start colors. I know you're probably thinking, "you're mad, Zenix! There are only 7 colors!" There are only seven colors in the rainbow, yes, but there are literal huuuundreds that actually have been created and named. I also checked and saw that even letters like X and Q have color names. LET'S GO! Acid Green
  8. ...Is there a difference? I never knew. Hmmmm, false. Likes waking up early.
  9. Not a pole, but I have ran into a person and a door frame. Has woken up at before 5am to go Black Friday shopping.
  10. 3155
  11. There has a a change regarding points awarding for the Paw Print. Prose and Con do NOT count to your main 50.

  12. Gryff Prose and Cons are up! Submit. Also, go look at Gryfftoberfest! 

  13. The Gryff Paw Print is now accepting submissions for the next edition. Head over the the Quivering Quill for more info!

  14. Annnd the finalists have been chosen for the Paw Print Contest. Check under Announcements!

  15. Another tie! You guys have not made our job easy, but we love the participation, so thank you so very much for that. Well, we obviously can't have another poll because we'll end up with the same results. So, we had to ask the Sorting Hat which one he (She?) thought should win. Without further ado... The Regular Roar! The Regular Roar will be the title name for our News section! There will be a post announcing all of the chosen names and who submitted them coming up in the next half hour. Again, thank you for all of your participation in this contest.