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  1. There has a a change regarding points awarding for the Paw Print. Prose and Con do NOT count to your main 50.

  2. Gryff Prose and Cons are up! Submit. Also, go look at Gryfftoberfest! 

  3. The Gryff Paw Print is now accepting submissions for the next edition. Head over the the Quivering Quill for more info!

  4. Annnd the finalists have been chosen for the Paw Print Contest. Check under Announcements!

  5. Another tie! You guys have not made our job easy, but we love the participation, so thank you so very much for that. Well, we obviously can't have another poll because we'll end up with the same results. So, we had to ask the Sorting Hat which one he (She?) thought should win. Without further ado... The Regular Roar! The Regular Roar will be the title name for our News section! There will be a post announcing all of the chosen names and who submitted them coming up in the next half hour. Again, thank you for all of your participation in this contest.
  6. TIE BREAKER! We have two ties in the PP Contest polls, so there is another poll up for you to go vote in again and see if we can get the finalists chosen!

  7. As promised, this is the tie-breaker poll post for the two contest polls that were, obviously, tied. We're setting a 24 hour limit for the students and staff of Gryffindor to vote again on these two polls. So, the polls will close and be finalized tomorrow, September 18th at 10PM HOL time. If you're wondering about beans, don't worry, we're just waiting for everything to be finished before the rewards go out! Happy voting!
  8. OKAY! The polls for the Paw Print Contest are up in the Fat Lady's. GO VOTE!

  9. Here we go! Lets rock and roll! YOU HAVE THREE DAYS! September 16th at 12PM HOL time! We have decided upon the finalists for the Gryffindor Paw Print Contest! Above you will see what options you have to vote for within each category. News, Sports, Editorials, Gossip/Entertainment and Adverts. Also, below are three selections from each category of honorable mentions since we had so many great entries. Honorable Mentions News The Lion's Eye Bold Bulletins The Lion's Watch Editorials Young Lion’s Opinion Valiant Views Lion Leads Sports Kompetition Khronicles ROARing Heights Daring Displays Gossip/Entertainment Tattle Tails Warbeck’s Warblings Babble, Blather, & Buzz Adverts Gryffindor Blurb The Spotlight Purr-fect Deals
  10. Finalists for the Paw Print Contest are currently being chosen. Stay tuned for more information in the next couple of days!

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  12. The Paw Print Contest is now open to all houses! Go submit your entries...or else!

  13. GUILTY. This past Tuesday...I thought it was Thursday. I had to Google "what day is it?" on google and still didn't believe them. I dunno what happened. Has stayed up for over 24 hours just to binge watch a TV series.
  14. 3136!
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