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    Soccer, playing the guitar, video games, reading, spending time with friends, watching movies, Sherlock, Game of Thrones, Mr. Robot, Metallica, RHCP, Green Day.

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Hi fellow lions and cubs! My name (as you can probably tell >__>) is Patrick James! I love playing soccer and just sports in general! I love to help people out in any which way I can; so I put my paw out to you for any help you need! :hi: I love playing my electric guitar (her name's Jenna :girlinlove:) in my free time! :russian: I also love playing video games! (The FIFA franchise is my favourite!) :gaming: The soccer team that I support is called Chelsea FC in England! *waves a blue flag*

I hope that I stick around HOL for years to come and eventually become a professor and boss around my minions *g* *very hopeful* I've actually managed to pass this year and graduate to Second Year! About time too xD Great to see that I can handle and manage my life and time more now than before.









Your's truly,

Patrick James :read:

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