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  1. Guilty. Has more than 4 cups of coffee a day?
  2. Unfortunately, each bite of the cheese she takes doubles the length of her tail!
  3. Guilty. Loves to do DIY stuff?
  4. Fortunately, she manages to escape from the pool of jello!
  5. Happy Birthday Boris!! Hope you have a fantastic day! ^_^
  6. I believe that the Quidditch balls can be used by professional soccer teams in order to train players for certain traits. For example, goalkeepers need to have quick reflexes to make saves, and so I think that the snitch can be incorporated to improve goalkeepers' reflexes and reaching ability. The bludger can be modified by making it a little less harsh on impact, which are to be pelted at the players, and hence can then be used to teach outfield players to dodge quickly and thus, improving their agility as they do not want to get hit by this 'bludger'.
  7. I don't think that physical play will reduce significantly with the rise of virtual reality (VR) games and such. There definitely is something very different to when you play games, such as soccer, in real life rather than through a VR headset as you can actually control ball physics, how you run, etc. rather than everything being dictated by lines of code for the most part. I see VR being an immersion experience tool for games where the content of the specific game is not usually encountered in real life, like any of the horror games. Furthermore, I feel that technology lacks the human bond and camaraderie that comes with playing with your friends around a table, or at the park, etc.
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