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    HP of course, reading, cats and cocker spaniels.
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  2. Spent yesterday in Diagon Alley, Orlando,  casting spells (absolutely awesome), I am so happy.

    1. Kim Alting

      Kim Alting


  3. waterwheel
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  6. Still lots of empty plots in greenhouse 2, if you need help setting one up I am willing to explain.
  7. Happy by Pharrell Williams What is your favourite animal?
  8. Hello fellow Gryffindors. Are you interested in gardening, need advice? Then this is the place to discuss or share all things of a plant like nature, whether RL or HP. Don't worry if you don't have access to plants, the HOL greenhouse 2 has vacant plots, so why don't you try and grow some Belladona or Alihotsy, everything you successfully harvest can be sold for beans at the thrift shop in Hogsmeade. If you are new to Gryffindor and the terms above don't mean anything then we will explain them and help you navigate around the grounds.
  9. Innocent Have you ever dyed your hair?
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  15. I have signed up for Writing workshop, Short Stories. Very Basics of HTML. Introduction to Sign Language. Earth Magic Son of Posiedon. Just hoping that RL will leave me alone for a while (I can dream can't I).