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    Reading fantasy stories , outgoing on adventures, daydreaming and staring at the night sky for hours and hours.

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  1. True . Has eaten gummy bears with cheese???
  2. Patronus !!! That's the correct answer isn't it? Now my turn....here goes! -------(7 words)
  3. Unfortunately, The other people seems to be angry about whole situation :P
  4. The usual by Shannon Jae Prior What did you do at school last month ?
  5. Guilty ( The good side is that others didn't notice me) When you were little tried magic spells to become a fairy or a mermaid....
  6. I would live next to the beach because I love the salty smell and calm nature around the beach. Would you rather take History Of Magic or Divination in your OWLs?
  7. Movies ! I am thinking about something that is sticky, pink and sweet.
  8. I slap Romilda because I like her signature :D
  9. True ( and loved it :) ) Has watched Annabelle in a cinema hall
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