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    Design Your Quester

    My quester has my name, Iverian Gnash, although she does not share all of my personality traits. Iverian's backstory is pretty straight-forward. She comes from a small family which consists of her mother and two siblings. She goes questing to get away from the day-to-day bores of life. Her strengths include running, jumping, critical thinking, and friendliness to others, and her weaknesses include climbing, fear of heights, controlling her temper at times, and forgiving and forgetting things in her past. Iverian likes snakes, some people, her best friend, and food :P. She dislikes some people, bugs, and arguing over trivial matters. Iverian wears stretchy leggings with a short skirt over top for ease at getting around. She wears a variety of tank tops and large t-shirts for comfort and coolness. Iverian wears the same pair of black running shoes that are very light and comfortable and can stick to things when she needs to climb something, which she isn't very good at. She has her hair cut a few inches above her shoulders which makes it very easy to take care of and to stick back in a ponytail when needed. She never wears jeans because she can't run and move very easily in them. Iverian always carries a small pocket knife with her which she finds very useful and a long piece of rope for attaching things.
  2. Iverian Gnash


    Hello everyone! We are going to start some dorm rooms! Basically, this will be a place where you can find a few dorm partners and start your dorm where you can all chat. Post below for a dorm partner and then get to designing your dorm! A few things: 1. Keep all of your content HOL appropriate 2. Keep all of your images to a reasonable size 3. Credit any sources you may use if you don’t design your own graphics Post your dorm designs below or you can post them in your dorm once you create it :) Let me know if anyone has any questions!
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    (You don’t have to put my name before each post) :) Is there supposed to be a photo there? I just see a dot ;)
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    No problem, I’ll just make a new topic. What shall we call it? It has to have dorms in its name probably :)
  5. Iverian Gnash

    Unfortunately Fortunate

    Fortunately, his mum isn't upset
  6. Iverian Gnash

    1 - 10 000

  7. Iverian Gnash

    Slap the person above you!

    I slap Sky because I have nothing better to do :P
  8. Iverian Gnash

    Duck, Duck, Goose

  9. Iverian Gnash

    Word chain

  10. Iverian Gnash

    Innocent or Guilty?

    Guilty All the time, it's not even funny Has told themselves that no candy was to be eaten one day and then gladly accepted like 20 kit-kats from a friend
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    Awesome! Shall I create our dorm? I’ll put it in the Fat Lady’s Potrait
  12. Iverian Gnash

    Gryfftoberfest 2018!

    Thanks Sky! It was great fun!
  13. Iverian Gnash

    What am I thinking?

    Is it a candy?
  14. Iverian Gnash

    Innocent or Guilty?

    Totally guilty. Then you pretend that you had your hands in the air because you were fixing your hair. Wow! That rhymes! Has made a plan to do something, stuck with it for barely a day and then forgot about it. Ex: run each day for an hour or two
  15. Iverian Gnash


    Alright, so this game idea just came randomly to me. Let’s see how it goes. Basically, we’re making up rules for each person. Try to make the rules as ridiculous as possible. For instance, we’ll start with Severus Snape. Rule one: Change your attitude towards Gryffindor. (I know, not that ridiculous *thinks harder next time*) This will go on until someone posts rule 10. Then the next person chooses an HP character and makes up rule 1. After rule 10, someone chooses another character and on and on. Without farther delay: Bellatrix Lestrange Rule one: Change your black dress to something else to change it up a bit.
  16. Iverian Gnash

    Anything Goes

    There should be a time to commemorate all the brave people who fought in the Battle of Hogwarts. We could have everyone come outside on a certain day and shoot a spell into the air for each person who fought. There would be no class that day (YAY!!!) and it would be a time to also celebrate us winning that battle. There would also be an enormous feast that everyone was invited to. (even parents and siblings of the kids) Afterward, (the feast would be in the Afternoon) every one, third year and up, would be allowed to hang out in Hogsmeade for the evening.
  17. Iverian Gnash


    I need a few dorm partners! Let me know if anyone at all is interested!
  18. Iverian Gnash

    Acts of Courage

    I'm going to say that Luna Lovegood was a rather brave character in the Harry Potter series. She stuck up for her father when everyone thought they were crazy and she didn't seem phased when she was a prisoner in Malfoy Manor. She didn't have many friends and yet was never mean to anyone and treated everyone equally while still believing the things that she believed in. Luna was teased by the other students for her crazy beliefs about different things, her father, and her father's newspaper, The Quibbler, but yet try to think of one time when Luna was ever nasty to another student. Think back to when the students would take Luna's things and hide them in places and yet Luna didn't have anything nasty to say about them. I think that this shows a high level of courage just to be nice to people when you have no reason to.
  19. Iverian Gnash

    We're Off to the Movies

    Narrator: In a lovely kingdom far, far away... (beautiful scenery of castle with small houses around) Narrator: There lived a young princess. But that’s beside the point. (An old hag brews a potion) Narrator: We’re really focusing on her. (old hag appears again bottling the potion and putting a sign on the jar that reads “Drought of Living Death”) Hag: *cackles loudly* That princess stays up in that castle with her family eating pastries all day, while we work. Well, we’ll see how she feels after she has a dose of this. (Holds up bottle) Narrator: The wicked hag poisoned the princess. (hag drizzles potion all over spinning wheel) (you watch as the young girl pricks her finger on it and then falls down) Narrator: Who will save her and how? Find out in “The Real Sleeping Beauty”. Coming Spring 2019.
  20. Iverian Gnash

    We're Off to the Movies

    Narrator: When the world was mostly at peace... (flash of light) Narrator: A new revolt started. (Blip of swords clashing against each other) Narrator: But who started this revolt and what was their story? (while fighting with a wizard, a goblin starts to talk) Elfric the Eager: I had every reason to begin a revolt! Those blasted wizards were beginning to (grunts as he blocks a spell with his sword and then swings it at the wizard) act like they were our rulers! I will not stand for such a demeaning reputation as their slaves! I want the next generation of goblins to know that we are more than doormats to wizards. Narrator: Learn about his exciting and compelling story in the new movie, Elfric the Eager. Coming Summer 2019.
  21. Iverian Gnash

    I'm Not Sure If You're Aware But...

    Did anyone know that I was an awesome artist? Once, I decorated everyone’s school bags with my awesome art. I had a lot of enemies that year, but at least we all had bright neon bags with random pictures all over them (until a professor received complaints, I received detention, and everyone’s bags went back to normal with a simple removing spell).
  22. Iverian Gnash

    I'd Like to Thank The Academy

    This last award I want to hand out is something that I will definitely not be utilizing. This award is for the students who can go a whole school year without getting a detention. Now, for most of us, *thinks of last weeks detention* *thinks of yesterday’s detention* we cannot seem to stay out of detention; our existence at Hogwarts involves breaking the rules, then detention, then breaking, then detention. But, for the select few who that does not apply to, we need to give them an award for being unadventurous and boring, otherwise known as getting no detention. They will receive a nice shiny award at the ending feast and, like my other awards, they will receive a few extra points on their finals.
  23. Iverian Gnash

    Happy Birthday, Dario!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DARIO!!! Have a great one! What's that? Confetti? I love confetti and dangerous potions! haha
  24. Iverian Gnash

    I'd Like to Thank The Academy

    This award goes to the children that submit all of their homework in early and, of course, correctly. Many students, mostly Ravenclaws and Slytherins, work hard to get all of their homework in early so that they have time to do other things. This is helpful towards the professors who are then allowed more time to grade things instead of everybody sending it all in right before the deadline or on the day of. These students need to be recognized because they make professor's lives easier and because they are hard workers who put their studies first. Like the previous award I mentioned, this award will come with a few extra points on the final; let's say, 8. So if a students score is 78, they will have it brought up to an 86. This will also encourage other students to do the same in the future.
  25. Iverian Gnash

    I'm Not Sure If You're Aware But...

    I'm not sure if you're aware, but my convincing skills are fantastic! I once convinced a whole group of Gryffindor's to go into the Forbidden Forest with me over the weekend. It was fantastic although a little scary when the centaurs got angry with us and we had to flee the forest only to run into a professor. We all received detention, but IT WAS WORTH IT!!!