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  1. Iverian Gnash

    Food discussion :D

    This is where we can all discuss our favorite foods. I made a small poll with a few things on it, so please vote! First off, what's everyone's favorite ice cream? Mine will have to be raspberry cheesecake :D
  2. Iverian Gnash

    Food discussion :D

    Wow! That sounds delicious :D When talking about ice cream, I tend to stick to what I know is good. Which is usually anything fruit related LOL I'm looking stem ginger ice cream up though cause that sounds good :P
  3. Iverian Gnash

    End of Term Scavenger Hunt!

    Hope everything is going well! For set #5: Clue #5 - Item Harry nearly got on the wrong side of Madame Pince when she thought he’d been writing in a copy of this. Clue #5 - Person This person shares a birthday with ME! Have Fun!
  4. Iverian Gnash

    End of Term Scavenger Hunt!

    Alrighty, time for the fourth clues! (the cupboard is emptying, so thanks everyone) Clue #4 - Item Neville once managed to melt one of these. Clue #4 - Person This was the only person to reply about a post involving newspapers in 2011. Good luck!
  5. Iverian Gnash

    Happy Birthday, Zach!

    Happy b-day! :D
  6. Iverian Gnash

    End of Term Scavenger Hunt!

    Hope everything’s going well! I think it’s time for the third item and person! Clue #3 - Item Harry seriously considered buying this hansom item in Diagon Alley when he stayed there in Prisoner of Azkaban, though he couldn’t have used it for Quidditch or astronomy. Clue #3 - Person In Madam Pince's Board, this person was the last to post about classes in 2014. Have fun!
  7. Iverian Gnash

    Slap the person above you!

    LOL I slap Sky for slapping me for giving her balloons (they did say "Happy Birthday on them and it wasn't her birthday, but it's whatever ;P) (Wow, what are you gonna say to that) *crosses arms*
  8. Iverian Gnash

    Happy Birthday, Tom!

    Happy Birthday, Tom! *hands balloons and cake*
  9. Iverian Gnash

    End of Term Scavenger Hunt!

    I’m back! I hope we found the owner of the last item. The cupboard is slowly emptying. Here are the second clues: Clue #2 - Item Ron once joked that he’d borrowed this “for a bit of bed time reading.” Clue #2 - Person This person is fourth on the all time Ruby leaderboard. (This could change so keep an eye on it) Alright, that’s it! Have fun!
  10. Iverian Gnash

    End of Term Scavenger Hunt!

    Hello everyone! Thank you Sky for starting this off :) Now, it has come to my attention that many of you have been rather careless about their property. *pulls cool pen and box out of pile* I was wondering where this got to! What's this? Also my old DADA book?! I had to borrow Sky's when I lost, I mean someone TOOK my book! I would like this stuff to be returned to everyone since the cupboard seems like a great place to store all the things that I have stolen *cough* I mean BORROWED for fellow classmates. Alright, so here goes. Clue #1 - Item 1. This item of clothing was banned in OWL examinations Clue #1 - Person 1. The owner of this item posted about birthdays in the Fat Lady's Portrait Like Sky mentioned, PM the clue answers to her since she's the one administering those shiny awesome things referred to as RUBIES!!!! If you've got questions, I mean you COULD PM me, but I don't know anything, so I would say your best bet is to talk to our awesome Gryffindor prefect *points at Sky*
  11. Iverian Gnash

    Slap the person above you!

    I slap Shadow because she’s a really sweet HOL’r (however you spell that LOL) *voice in the back yells that’s no reason to slap people!*
  12. Iverian Gnash

    Slap the person above you!

    I slap Sky for slapping me because I said she doesn't have any reasons for slapping people thus giving her a reason to slap me ;) Making this confusing LOL
  13. Iverian Gnash

    Slap the person above you!

    I slap Sky for having no reasons to slap people
  14. Iverian Gnash

    When's Your Birthday?

    My b-day is in two weeks, but I’ve got classes, an exam, and a meeting I have to go to in the afternoon, so looking bleak LOL I’ll probably go out to eat with my fam or somethin like that.
  15. Iverian Gnash

    Favorite Singer?

    I guess my favorite is probably Alessia Cara and Grace Vanderwaal. They are both have great voices and their songs are really relatable.
  16. Iverian Gnash

    Music game

    “Shut your mouth and run me like a river.” Alrighty, Hamilton - You’ll be back :D “And no don’t change the subject, cuz you’re....”
  17. Iverian Gnash

    This Way to the Lodge! (Activity Overview)

    Thanks a bunch Sky! I had loads of fun :D
  18. Iverian Gnash

    The Games Room

    Jigsaw two:
  19. Iverian Gnash


    Hello everyone! We are going to start some dorm rooms! Basically, this will be a place where you can find a few dorm partners and start your dorm where you can all chat. Post below for a dorm partner and then get to designing your dorm! A few things: 1. Keep all of your content HOL appropriate 2. Keep all of your images to a reasonable size 3. Credit any sources you may use if you don’t design your own graphics Post your dorm designs below or you can post them in your dorm once you create it :) Let me know if anyone has any questions!
  20. Iverian Gnash


    Ok, so the whole dorm idea kind of flopped, but I do have to share this because I figured out how to design a room and I’m very proud of it :D Let me know what you think!
  21. Iverian Gnash

    By the Fire

    My siblings and I made these adorable snowmen. My little sister decided to go all out with a hat which will keep hers very warm. I added lots of color to mine (mine is the one with the eyebrows that went terribly wrong LOL). My brother added a Gryffindor scarf to his and my youngest bro gave his big black eyes so he could see everything that was going on :D
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    An n?
  23. Iverian Gnash


    An e?
  24. Iverian Gnash


    Yup! Your turn ;)
  25. Iverian Gnash

    By the Fire

    I love your snowman! He's so cute :)