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    House Hello!

    Hello everyone! I'm a first year Gryffindor. I'm a Slytherin at heart, but since I was sorted into Gryffindor, GO GRYFFINDOR!!!!!!! I'm taking 5 classes this semester and I've completed 3 of them so far with 300 points (trying to pull in those house points;)) Currently, I'm writing for SerpenTimes magazine and I'm working on making a new class for next year. Just a heads up, Hufflepuff is having a supporting cast of Harry Potter trivia and it's totally awesome! Slytherin is doing Order of the Phoenix trivia which is equally as awesome! So excited to have discovered HOL. It is a wonderful community where we can all bond over our mutual love of Harry Potter. Ok, so maybe not Harry Potter, himself, for some of us *looks at Death Eater across room* but definitely the wizarding world! *thinks about Hogwarts* *thinks about the Ministry of Magic* *thinks about Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley* Lost in thought there, sorry about that! Anyway, I'm having great fun and making loads of friends!
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    Would you Rather...

    Read, definitely! Plus, books are always better than their movies ;) Would you rather have a pet snake or a pet rat?
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    Music game

    "The rest of the world was black and white, but we were in screaming color." One of my favorite songs! Rag n' bones "Human" "Don't ask my opinion, don't ask me to ..."
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    Ok, thanks a bunch!
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    Birthday Calendar

    Hi. How do we get a birthday wish on here? I would like it if my brother's birthday could be added. He is a Gryffindor and I'm sure he would love it. His birthday is October 15th and his name is Calvin. Calvin Potter would be really cool. Thanks!
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    Hello! If you are in Gryffindor, can you still sign up and be active in other house forums? I know that there is a buddy program in Hufflepuff that only Hufflepuff's can be a part of sadly. It would be nice if we had a program like that for Gryffindor where an older Gryffindor member of HOL was paired with a younger member. In Slytherin, they have a newspaper that you can write for which is really cool. Does Gryffindor have anything like either of those?
  7. I chose: 1. Dueling 101 2. A Visit to Diagon Alley 3. Auror Training Level One 4. Occlumency 5. The Marauders 101 I was sooo excited to see theses classes!
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    Word chain

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    1 - 10 000