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  1. I slap Zenix for hilariously messing up duck duck goose XD
  2. For me, I have a sticky notes tab on my computer that I always have open. I'll write down what I need to/want to do, both HOL and RL stuff in the order that I find would give me a good mix and then as I work through them in a day, I'll take little breaks to keep myself energized. Most of what I do, I can listen to music while I complete them which keeps my mind interested while I work. I'll also take little breaks to play a quick game.... which I probably shouldn't be doing when I have other things to do, but it does make for a nice break when I'm able to focus myself back on what I was doing. Even if I have an enormous stack of things I need to do, music is definitely something that keeps me from getting overwhelmed. Like Sky said, breaking things down into chunks helps a lot as well. I have an essay I'm working on now that I'm writing in little bits because writing is not something I personally enjoy when the topic doesn't interest me. I'll put on my sticky notes: 1. write paragraph one 2. something interesting 3. edit paragraph four 4. something interesting.... and on like that. I'll do that for pretty much any long task I have. It helps to keep me interested and motivated because I know what I have to do next and am able to realize that whatever I'm doing, I'll get a break soon.
  3. A stranger bumps into you. He quickly shoves a folded up map into your hand, whispers "Your success on this mission is incredibly important" and rushes off. Stunned, you unfold the map and stare at it. The Treasure (10 Rubies): At the top of the map is written 'It was heard by all the waters on earth and in the ocean, and all the waters hearing it were checked'. What is the treasure you are being sent to retrieve? Now that you've figured out what it is you're trying to find, you begin examining the rest of the map that you were given by that stranger. It is a mess of lines but something catches your eye. At one part of the map is a big blue dot. Curiously, you take a step forward and the dot moves. After studying the map for a bit, you figure out where the treasure must be and set off, keeping an eye on the blue dot to make sure you're still on track. The Journey (20 Rubies): What does the map look like? Design it and send the link to your design along with a short description of it. Alternatively, tell me about a problem you ran into on your journey in at least 100 words. You've finally reached your destination after many trials along the way. You're ecstatic as you eagerly approach the place where the map says the treasure is. Walking right up to where the map says it is (ok, it isn't that clear, but this has to be it and you're sure you've not miss-read it), you come across a shallow, dark pit. At the bottom, you can see the treasure. How are you supposed to reach that?! There is no ramp to walk down, you have nothing to lower yourself down, and the pit is just deep enough that you can't jump down into it without seriously injuring yourself (not to mention trying to get back up afterwards). To your left, within ten feet of the hole, is the sea, spreading out as far as you can see, and to your right are three trees in a cluster with tons of sticks laying all over the ground. Suddenly, the map you were given jerks out of your hands. Shocked, you watch it glow brightly and start to grow! After a minute of watching in awe as the map shakes and gets larger in mid-air, it transforms into a large strong water-proof bucket with a handle. Cautiously, you approach the map-bucket and find a long piece of strong rope inside. The Victory (20 Rubies): How do you get the treasure out of the pit? What do you use that you can find around you in addition to the bucket and rope? Also, I wish to add that Sky came up with the idea for this month's quest and the clue for the treasure... and she gave me a lot of pointers for everything else as well ;) The deadline is 11.59 PM HOL-time on March 31st. Send all your tasks in one private message to me (Iverian Gnash). Once the deadline has passed, feel free to share your responses as a reply to this thread (but ONLY after the deadline). (And, yes, I stole that little speech from Sky XD)
  4. Iverian Gnash

    1 - 10 000

    3900 \o/ Talk about a beautiful number :D perfectly divisible by 3, any number perfectly divisible by three is amazing
  5. Iverian Gnash

    1 - 10 000

    3890 Challenge accepted Dario *smirks* XD
  6. Is there an A? Lives: 6
  7. Yup! *hands over the keys to being ruler of Hangman to Shadow*
  8. Iverian Gnash

    1 - 10 000

    3888 YAY cool number
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