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  1. Iverian Gnash


    Ok, so the whole dorm idea kind of flopped, but I do have to share this because I figured out how to design a room and I’m very proud of it :D Let me know what you think!
  2. Iverian Gnash

    By the Fire

    My siblings and I made these adorable snowmen. My little sister decided to go all out with a hat which will keep hers very warm. I added lots of color to mine (mine is the one with the eyebrows that went terribly wrong LOL). My brother added a Gryffindor scarf to his and my youngest bro gave his big black eyes so he could see everything that was going on :D
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    An n?
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    An e?
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    Yup! Your turn ;)
  6. Iverian Gnash

    By the Fire

    I love your snowman! He's so cute :)
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    Great! n - - - - a - - e - (10 letters, 7 left)
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    Perfect! - - - - - a - - e - (10 letters, 8 left)
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    Yup! - - - - - - - - e - (10 letters, 9 left)
  10. Iverian Gnash

    By the Fire

    Wrap up warm Ok, so I love to knit. Here are all of the Hogwarts hat that I made plus a scarf.
  11. Iverian Gnash


    Ok, so here it is - - - - - - - - - - (10 letters)
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  13. Iverian Gnash

    By the Fire

    Cozy Cookery This option is great because I have two delicious recipes that I would like to share. The first one, is something that a family member made and the second I found somewhere a long time ago, but I don’t know where exactly. So, the first one is called: S’mores with a Twist Ingredients: Marshmallows Graham crackers Miniature Hershey chocolate squares (any chocolate is fine, but my experience is that Hershey’s is best for this project since it melts easiest) Instructions: Crush graham cracker until it is a sort of fine powder, but a few small chunks are good. Put Hershey squares in a microwave-safe bowl and melt them. Roll each marshmallow in melted chocolate and then roll it in graham cracker. Lay on a pan that is covered in wax paper Let the marshmallows cool and then enjoy! Tips: Don’t put the marshmallow in the fridge when they are done, because they will get hard. Don’t let the marshmallows cool too much, just enough so the chocolate hardens around them. You can also put each marshmallow on a skewer to make them look pretty and put the tops in cute little see-through bags that you can tie up with ribbon ;) The second one is called: Awesome Jelly and Cream Cheese Tartlets! Ingredients: Jelly of choice (I prefer strawberry, but it doesn’t really matter) Cream cheese 8 pack Pillsbury biscuit dough (you can use whatever brand you want, Pillsbury just comes to mind first:) ) Powdered or regular sugar Instructions: Preheat oven to 375 or whatever the biscuits say on wrapper Take each round dough patty and stretch it out on pan. Take a small dollop of cream cheese and a small dollop of jelly and place it on top of biscuit. Fold each biscuit over and press down the edges with a fork to seal in the jelly and cream cheese. Cook for 11-15 minutes until edges are brown. Sprinkle with sugar when done. Serve with ice cream! Tip: Place the jelly in cream cheese in the center of the dough so it doesn’t all leak out when you fold over the dough. Make sure you pinch the sides down securely or everything will leak out while you cook it. Opt for less filling than more. The more you put in, the more likely it is to break open and spill filling in oven. The Smore’s recipe is rather special because my aunt made it for a Baby shower for a cousin. When I got home, I decided to try it out for myself and we polished off a whole bag of Marshmallows; Ahem, moving on. The second recipe is something my mom used to make and when she stopped making it, I made it for a dessert (or sometimes, it was dinner #bestdinnerever ) Anyways, definitely try them out because they are so delicious!
  14. Iverian Gnash

    By the Fire

    First thing first before I jump into the Perfect Day option *hops on chair to attract attention* THANKS SKY, PROF. LUPIN, AND PROF. LESLIE-LEWIS FOR SUCH AN AWESOME EVENT!!! :D Now, *hops off of chair* my perfect day at the lodge would consist of sleeping in, number one :P After that, I’d have some hot tea and sit by the fire before grabbing a friend and putting on all of our gear. We’d probably, in the mayhem of this, *screams at unsuspecting people “where’s my jacket! Did you take my jacket?!* gather a few more friends to go with us until we have a good sized group. After we have all suited up, we’d hit the slopes. Of course, we would start out with Beginner, or, maybe, we’ll go for Expert Advanced *runs to a practically drop down cliff with a Black Diamond sign, “this looks good”* After falling off our skis for a good two hours, we will all head back to the lodge where Sky will hand us all hot chocolate (Thanks, Sky! :D). Together, we will sit by the fire and I will make a big announcement while some of us fight over who won Monopoly in the corner. “Now, everyone! I knows it’s freezing, but I have knitted everyone fluffy mittens! *hands out assorted pairs of mittens to everyone* If anyone would also like a warm hat, I can also whip up one in your color choice, so just let me know!” Then, I would head to the game room where the Monopoly fight has finally begun to wrap itself up with money flying across the room and a player insulting the other’s train playing piece (your moves don’t count, because a train obviously needs a track to move, so I win!). I will steer myself away from this fight even though my inner self is screaming to get involved. I will instead join a friend at a cozy table to play the Game of Life. Looking forward to dinner and maybe a scavenger hunt closer to bed (because I took and hid Prof. Zenix’s snow boots). Well, this should be an interesting day!
  15. Iverian Gnash

    What am I thinking?

    A spider definitely! (and yes, you were right) I’m thinking of something tall and green with glowing balls